GrabTaxi No More

After my blog post 3 months ago on Grab Taxi, much has changed.

 photo Screenshot_2016-01-06-09-33-46_zps4l4sfiqk.png

There’s no more option for Sieu Re for one thing and was replaced with GrabCar. Testing it this morning showed that my usual route using GrabCar costs the same as riding a taxi. Now riding a GrabTaxi is much more expensive. So today, I stuck to Uber even if I had to wait for 10 minutes. As you can see above, there were lots of GrabTaxis available this morning but it was 40,000VND more expensive than riding an Uber, so no thanks.

 photo crop_zpsxt360e6g.png

I think now, GrabTaxi would be best for GrabBike and their new service Giao Hang or delivery. Now, I can have food from District 1 delivered to District 7 especially for those restaurants that don’t really have a delivery service.

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