Tales from Dalat: Leguda Buffet Rau

 photo 20151226_194404_zpsjxjfhf01.jpg

My mom doesn’t eat vegetables. But our friends who were with us were requesting to have vegetables for dinner on our second night in Dalat. So we found ourselves in Leguda.

 photo 20151226_194412_zpsqzduthvy.jpg

It’s by Robin Hill were the cable cars are so it was an easy find.

 photo 20151226_194455_zps1mn0njvk.jpg

We arrived at around 7:30 PM. See lots of empty tables? Don’t be fooled. Most of the diners came early and the restaurant closes early at around 9PM.

 photo 20151226_195631_zpspo0folai.jpg

At Leguda, you have access to unlimited fresh vegetables for 49,000 VND.

 photo 20151226_195627_zpsxgtlzqvb.jpg

Can you believe it? 49kVND.

 photo 20151226_195638_zps77scesjl.jpg

Leguda is a perfect place to get piping hot, hot pot!

 photo 20151226_200528_zpszj4qujvl.jpg

We had the kids with us so we ordered the spicy and non-spicy broth for our hotpot! This was really good!

 photo 20151226_194445_zpsjb7q03gv.jpg

Mom enjoyed the food, sans the veggies of course.  😛

Leguda Buffet Rau
Cap Treo Station, Robin Hill, Ward 3, Dalat

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