Tales from Dalat: Mong Mo Hill

On our first trip to Dalat, we didn’t really do a lot of research. We just figured that we just want to go to a cooler climate for Christmas. But this time around, we did a bit of planning.

 photo IMG_3481_zpsxc1bvur8.jpg

What’s so great about Dalat is that it has lots of parks around. We discovered that there’s still some parks we didn’t visit the first time, and found ourselves in the Dreaming Hill or Mong Mo.

 photo IMG_3392_zpseedcsb2s.jpg

Best time to visit is during the early morning and late afternoon when the weather is cooler because you’d have to do lots and lots of walking.

 photo IMG_3393_zpsvl6kqede.jpg

If you need a breath of fresh air, Mong Mo Hill is just perfect.

 photo IMG_3396_zpsvcgnrgyx.jpg

It showcased some interesting structures in Vietnam, like the typical ancient home.
 photo IMG_3409_zpsuvpias9b.jpg

There’s a Love Tree —

 photo IMG_3418_zpsiqivppwl.jpg

It combines a lot of different culture present in Vietnam as well as the fascination with Astrological Animals —

 photo IMG_3437_zps0l3uiblx.jpg

and Christianity.

 photo IMG_3397_zpsnxnrzejg.jpg

We also went down the man-made, Golden Waterfalls.

 photo 20151226_144546_zpslcughrfc.jpg

And this pretty structure? It’s a toilet.

 photo IMG_3439_zpsjtxv1i5s.jpg

The park seems to be well-maintained and well-visited.

 photo IMG_3440_zpslehznt9u.jpg

It was difficult not to take photos.

 photo IMG_3446_zpsrjnqrwbm.jpg

And by the time that we visited Mong Mo in the afternoon, all our phones and cameras were running low on juice. 😛

 photo IMG_3465_zps0rlz2eqi.jpg

We also went up and down the mini Great Wall. And I tell you, it was no easy feat.

 photo IMG_3480_zpszvrdjdim.jpg

There was also an area where a cultural show was being shown and it was fun!

 photo IMG_3490_zpsdffrnwed.jpg

It is a dreamy park.

 photo IMG_3495_zps0blfpuvv.jpg

And yes, you can book accommodations here too! You can dream on the Dreaming Hill!

 photo IMG_3498_zpsokzlbyjv.jpg

Mong Mo Hill
05 Mai Anh Dao, Dalat

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