Tales from Dalat: Visiting Dalat Flower Park

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No trip to Dalat is complete without visiting the Dalat Flower Park. We arrived after lunch and it was hot! Best to visit during the early morning or late in the afternoon.

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It’s a real pretty place and if you ever visit, don’t rush. Enjoy the surroundings and the flowers.

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The Dalat Flower Park was established in 1966 and is 7,000 sqm in size.

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With the Dalat Flower Festival, the park was especially more lush with the decors.

 photo 20151227_145310_zpsihhz72qv.jpg

 photo 20151227_135639_zpsecvmq2zv.jpg
 photo 20151227_143701_zpsjlgrzlnk.jpg

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 photo 20151227_145221_zpsatckmy5r.jpg

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 photo 20151227_145438_zpsqcnuao83.jpg
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We climbed up the area where flowers were being sold.

 photo 20151227_145503_zpsvwzy9xw5.jpg

 photo 20151227_145629_zpssig4otpo.jpg

 photo 20151227_145636_zpscl1lhhax.jpg

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 photo 20151227_150049_zpslqkshgrb.jpg

 photo 20151227_150850_zpsimpmoege.jpg

 photo 20151227_151649_zpscyhnk7dm.jpg

Saw rosemary growing at one hill. Would have wanted to take some home. Haha.

 photo IMG_3510_zps8hc6d0le.jpg

Dalat Flower Park
Trần Quốc Toản, tp. Đà Lạt

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