Book Street

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Every year, during Tet season, a street is turned into a book street. Before, it was Mac Thi Buoi but for a couple of years now, it’s Nguyen Van Binh. This time, it took a month’s work to transform the whole street to a beautiful book street.

 photo 20160111_161403_zpshw15vdeo.jpg

No more makeshift tents. This looks like it’s here to stay. And I hope it does.

 photo 20160111_161418_zps0gnehwqh.jpg

Several bookshops have opened their own stall selling Vietnamese books.

 photo 20160111_161429_zpsvnmeqlwe.jpg

Even PNC has their own stall.

 photo 20160111_161552_zpss0g6zorw.jpg

And brought along it’s Book Cafe!

 photo 20160111_161707_zpsh5gz7bzi.jpg

There also is another cafe —

 photo 20160111_161614_zpsv0lj3urv.jpg

It would have been great though if English books were sold but I haven’t seen any.

 photo 20160111_161650_zps9vy7tkha.jpg

In the middle were some stalls where old books were being sold.

 photo 20160111_161713_zpsd6smc9da.jpg

This is a real interesting initiative to engage the people to read.

 photo 20160111_161543_zpspn6ebbam.jpg

And best of all, Vietnamese books are real affordable.

 photo 20160111_161845_zpst66kigd8.jpg

Drop by book street! It’s just between Kumho and Notre Dame Cathedral in District 1.

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