This year’s personal theme is wellness (so help me God!). So I’ve embarked on a journey of choosing healthier food. 😛 And by some divine intervention, there’s Fit Food.

 photo c29673239d0ae88799f3c9f32e9bbd22dd71aa7749615d8d00cc7317a9e2038a_zpsydr2iays.jpg

The first time I heard about such service was way back in 2008 when I was still writing for Masigasig Magazine and we featured, The Sexy Chef. It’s run by Barni Alejandro and her famous sister, singer Rachel Alejandro. But back then, I had not trouble keeping my weight down.

 photo 20160104_131802_zpscgky0j1p.jpg

So when Grace told me about Fit Food, I instantly liked the idea. Plus the fact it saves me from deciding where and what to eat every lunch time when in the office.

 photo 20160104_173339_zpsbn3ih4ho.jpg

I started ordering at the start of the year so am in my 4th week. And so far, the food has been really good.

 photo 20160105_185048_zps3vh3xyii.jpg

The service has been excellent too so I have no complaints. You can order from two packages, the Full (breakfast-lunch-dinner) or the Fit (lunch-dinner).

 photo 20160121_165141_zpsuge1ywym.jpg

How has it been? I have to admit it wasn’t easy at first because I really love to eat. Have shed a few pounds but I have a long way to go. I know food isn’t my only problem. It’s also getting my butt off this chair to workout.

Do check them out if you’re interested. Also, their price is affordable that even if I don’t get my desired weight, I’m saving some moolah from eating out. 🙂

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