Saigon Heat vs Pilipinas MX3 Kings

 photo 20160117_174227_zpsph6vjcqw.jpg

A couple weeks ago on my birthday, we watched the basketball match between Saigon Heat and Pilipinas MX3 Kings.

 photo 20160117_164616_zpsaz6a840a.jpg

While we were waiting for the game to start, I was looking for familiar players from my country. I’ve been out of touch with the Philippine basketball scene so I didn’t recognize any of them until I saw, Willie Miller (11).
 photo 20160117_165719_zpslql4cfiq.jpg

What a terrific match that was! I know Saigon Heat lost but am sorry I was just giddy with excitement to see fellow Pinoys on the court. The game got heated that the Pinoy players had to get off the court as soon as they won the game.

 photo 20160117_191105_zpszi3bltd2.jpg

It was too bad really because we wanted photos taken with the players. 😛 Glad that we were able to catch Willie Miller though. Haha.


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