Tet 2016 at Crescent

Just sharing with you the scenes of Tet 2016 in Crescent. Haven’t visited during the evening though, am sure it’ll be a sight to see too! Can’t wait to see District 1 Flower Festival!

 photo 20160130_072812_zpsd78ouapd.jpg

The Crescent Residence area is now adorned with flowers. They were still fixing the place up when we visited last Saturday.

 photo 20160130_072951_zpsshvld8f5.jpg

 photo 20160130_072828_zpsgw0nnhxv.jpg

See those bamboos separating each area of the flower decor? I fell on that last year. πŸ˜›

 photo 20160130_073034_zps6kyez3ja.jpg

 photo 20160130_073124_zpsgdmjkejc.jpg

 photo 20160130_073406_zpsg0xys9pu.jpg

 photo 20160130_073131_zpslnwpxyje.jpg

Am glad that they have more flowers now than rice paddies. Β πŸ˜€

 photo 20160130_073043_zpsydgubt61.jpg

 photo 20160130_073412_zpsvafamrnr.jpg

 photo 20160130_073314_zpscmofdqdh.jpg

 photo 20160130_073632_zpsnid4errb.jpg

 photo 20160130_073447_zpsuxckhcis.jpg

 photo 20160130_073457_zpslulumhwi.jpg

 photo 20160130_073640_zpsmxt6e1us.jpg

 photo 20160130_073746_zpsueby6mvb.jpg

 photo 20160130_074651_zpshjos77c1.jpg

 photo 20160130_075446_zps5xpap6lz.jpg

Forgot to take a photo of this area without my model. Haha.

 photo 20160130_073733-1_zpsxkdiccdp.jpg

So where are you off to on Tet?

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1 Response to Tet 2016 at Crescent

  1. Brian Vu says:

    Surely will visit Saigon soon!

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