Flower Street 2016

Last year, I brought my kids in tow to the Flower Street which is part of the Tet celebration. They were not really happy. Boys!

And this year, am not sure if I can bring them again so I decided to take a walk along Nguyen Hue and see what the decors are like this year.

 photo 20160205_152725_zpsnhii24kn.jpg

It’s the Year of the Monkey so as expected, there were lots of monkeys —

 photo 2016-02-05 15.52.07_zpskisyjorv.jpg
 photo 20160205_152207_zpsoawyskvc.jpg
 photo 20160205_152030-1_zpsndbzavus.jpg

I just did a quick walk around the street.

 photo 20160205_152617_zpsbjezxj6n.jpg

 photo 20160205_152104_zpsp3dcb7qe.jpg

 photo 20160205_152125_zpsxjlkogvc.jpg

 photo 20160205_152116_zpslszvv7sw.jpg  photo 20160205_152137_zpsrtelelce.jpg

The Flower Street will be officially open tonight at 7pm until February 12. I can already imagine the crowd. So it’s a treat to see this place empty.

 photo 20160205_152626_zpsevns7rxu.jpg

 photo 20160205_152644_zpsnhchxrrf.jpg

 photo 20160205_152640_zpsnw8zdjaa.jpg

Although it’s still prettily designed, it’s not as grandiose as in previous years.

 photo 20160205_152601_zpsuke1isgz.jpg

 photo 20160205_152403_zpseziweurm.jpg

 photo 20160205_152351_zps7wfnq8kr.jpg

 photo 20160205_152316-1_zps3kefcnae.jpg

I am still dreaming fitting into an ao dai and having my photo taken here like the folks do during this holiday.

 photo 20160205_152455_zps7wst97ym.jpg

 photo 20160205_152259-1-1_zpsxxpwhlfy.jpg

 photo 20160205_152211_zpsalmwclze.jpg

So if you’re not going out of the city this Tet, drop by Nguyen Hue!

Chuc mung nam moi!


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