Sights of Tet

What a long holiday! Not that I’m complaining but it would have been better if Saigon was business as usual during Tet.

 photo 20160207_150502_zpscsij2nwv.jpg

 photo 20160207_150609_zpsrvmnxqzk.jpg

On Tet Eve, we checked in a hotel near the fireworks and spent the afternoon walking along Flower Street. With boys in tow, it wasn’t nearly as fun. We just arrived in Nguyen Hue when my eldest started asking what time will we go back to the hotel.

 photo 20160207_145126_zpsvm6jcdoy.jpg

 photo 20160207_150029_zps57e8hflh.jpg

I was able to visit Flower Street before it was opened to the public so I didn’t really get to see all the decors.

 photo 20160207_145323_zpses6nsmd6.jpg

 photo 20160207_145350_zpsmxvauwpy.jpg
Absolutely enjoyed watching the locals garbed in their ao dai posing amongst the flowers. Hubby and I were thinking if we have a similar holiday in the Philippines where we’d do the same.The Vietnamese take pride in their national dress and am sure no Vietnamese is without an ao dai in their wardrobe. I honestly don’t have a Filipiniana in mine. The men would only wear a barong during a wedding and important occasions. But to wear one for a national holiday while walking the streets for photo op? Unheard of.

 photo 20160207_145410_zpskvvnvzvw.jpg
 photo 20160207_145523_zpsztjpex6j.jpg
 photo 20160207_145414_zpsplplpjs8.jpg
 photo 20160207_145743_zpssswhjlav.jpg

Because of all the whining, we ended in Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Saigon Garden. Saigon Garden is a charming place actually!

 photo 20160207_151107_zpsghofvxwg.jpg

 photo 20160207_151405_zpsa8stonmf.jpg

 photo 20160207_151815_zpsdycjycsf.jpg

The kids wanted to swim so we went back to the hotel. And after that we just lazed around and watched below as motorbikes stated filling the parking areas for the Tet festivities for the evening.

 photo 20160207_175520_zpszsncrw91.jpg

Come dinner time, we ate with friends at Tuk Tuk Thai Bistro (just like last year). There were only a handful of restaurants open so we couldn’t really choose but thankfully, Tuk Tuk is a family favorite.

 photo IMG_3609_zpsecpvfzfq.jpg

From dinner around 9PM, we walked back to our hotel and took in the sights and sound of Tet. It was like a street fair all through out the city. Local delicacies were being sold on the sidewalks.

 photo IMG_3613_zpschxgyvaw.jpg

 photo IMG_3614_zpsoqr8wrxv.jpg

 photo IMG_3620_zpslkvvbs7v.jpg

Massive traffic as people try to get home before midnight or park their vehicles to watch the fireworks.

 photo IMG_3610_zpsidkjqaor.jpg

 photo IMG_3617_zps5yxfctpx.jpg

The police were closing roads and vehicles were being rerouted. It was a treat to walk in the middle of the roads which you couldn’t do normally with motorbikes whizzing by.

 photo IMG_3630_zpspbx3gvlm.jpg

Been wanting to get photos of the lights in District 1. I finally found the chance!

 photo IMG_3623_zpsxfhlx7vk.jpg

 photo IMG_3619_zpsxgzo3fgg.jpg

 photo 20160207_210338_zpssiybvvrx.jpg

Chanced upon a lion dance at the Majestic Hotel. Do you know you have to feed it money? ๐Ÿ˜›

 photo IMG_3635_zpsfntz8n1g.jpg

 photo IMG_3632_zpsgyqqnc02.jpg

By 10 PM, we were back in our hotel and waited out the fireworks. Of course we had to wake up the kids. Rafa missed it again!

 photo PhotoGrid_1454866590052_zpsws0g8ycq.jpg

Hope you had a blast this Tet too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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