Food Trip: Co Ba Xu Quang

 photo 20160224_132914_zpsuqcuatyt.jpg

After Tet, work came in torrents. And it looks like there’s no stopping yet.

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And since we are still in a festive mood, my team mates in the office had lunch out in Co Ba Xu Quang right in front of Novotel.  I couldn’t believe there was a restaurant so pretty in this area when it was sandwiched between buildings!

 photo 20160224_122026_zps1jdgmnep.jpg

It was an oasis amidst the concrete jungle.

 photo 20160224_121559_zpsreqlftpf.jpg

The ambiance was just right and welcoming.

 photo 20160224_121612_zpshfra9b3h.jpg

I love the woodwork.

 photo 20160224_121651_zpsp3tr75ck.jpg
 photo 20160224_130209_zpsqb5yqubk.jpg
 photo 20160224_121824_zpsetzlhoug.jpg

The place was quiet over lunch and I can just imagine this not to be so when I bring my family. 😛

 photo 20160224_132802_zpsvhc9x8gv.jpg

The Vietnamese food here is awesome although I can’t really say what I ate. 😛

 photo 20160224_122234_zpsdddqhijj.jpg

 photo 20160224_122336_zpsz4wzrjbj.jpg

 photo 20160224_122602_zpstrwifalt.jpg
 photo 20160224_125002_zpsqsmadh8x.jpg

 photo 20160224_130301_zpsyaryyffg.jpg

 photo 20160224_131953_zpsqi7xauqg.jpg

I still wonder why hotpot is served last.

 photo 20160224_130654_zpst7tfz04c.jpg

I should bring our family here soon.
 photo 20160224_121759_zpsha44sxwl.jpg

Co Ba Xu Quang
144 Hai Ba Trung, District 1

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2 Responses to Food Trip: Co Ba Xu Quang

  1. Thanh says:

    Its good

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