Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel

For the new year, the financier a.k.a. the husband, decided to book a room at the Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel along Ton Duc Thang. This hotel has been in operation for maybe over a year.

 photo 20160207_135724_zpsqxdujh3x.jpg

In the Philippines, we could see fireworks everywhere during the new year. There really are no rules except of course on deadly fireworks. But otherwise, every household can buy fireworks (so you don’t have to wonder why the ER is full during the new year or there are a number of fire incidents).

In Vietnam, this is government-regulated so there are some designated areas only. The nearest one to us is in District 1. This was also a perfect opportunity for that “staycation”.  😛

Our room was just right for our family which probably the same size as our hotel room in Pullman last year.

 photo 20160207_140532_zps4p2yloi8.jpg

Not fond of toilets with glass walls though. 😛

 photo 20160207_140555_zpsgo2qudbd.jpg

The view from the bathroom:
 photo 20160207_140644_002_zpslkmmurto.jpg

Liberty Central had the perfect view of the fireworks (but of course also expensive during that time) and the amenities are pretty good too.

 photo 20160207_140615_zpsrbg2bpys.jpg

We’ve tried the pool at the rooftop which had a great view of the river too. So this would have been the ideal spot to watch the fireworks.

 photo 20160207_142022_zpssh8ycjwv.jpg

It would have been nice to try out their equipment.

 photo 20160207_142057_zpsnonlme2q.jpg

Breakfast was at the Executive Lounge which was great for our family. Because the area was pretty small, I didn’t have to worry where my 3 year old was off to.

 photo 20160208_080055_zpslmyrwkkk.jpg

But it would be great if we tried the main restaurant. There wasn’t a whole lot of choices in the lounge.

 photo 20160208_082520_zpsjbizjjdc.jpg

The staff was topnotch and we truly enjoyed our stay! Wish we could have stayed longer!

 photo 20160208_115007_zpsxltgkn8q.jpg

Liberty Central Saigon Riverside Hotel
17 Ton Duc Thang St., District 1, HCMC

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