Have you visited the new Mint & Paul?

One of my favorite restaurants, Mint and Paul, in Phu My Hung moved to a new location. Well yeah, it’s just right across the street.

 photo 20160310_213915_zpscpnf1eyy.jpg

The space is much bigger and can accommodate more. But sometimes, I miss the old cozy place.

 photo 20160310_213904_zpsjqaqxxvu.jpg

During weeknights, there aren’t a lot of people but during lunch, oh my! It’s sometimes difficult to get a table here!

 photo 20160310_213910_zpsazaksfr1.jpg

Like in the old space, MJ paid attention to details and only got the best furniture.

 photo received_10154606741199746_zpssqabdp3u.jpeg

And as usual, the food is still delicious!

 photo received_10154606741249746_zpskjqxp3vn.jpeg

They’ve expanded the menu a bit and am excited to come back and try something new in their menu.

 photo received_10154606741214746_zpsqtjxsfjp.jpeg

I promise you, you can never go wrong eating here!

 photo received_10154606741169746_zpseow7kaeh.jpeg

Mint and Paul
161 Ton Dat Tien, Panorama
Phu My Hung, District 7
+84 8 5413 0707

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