Our Airbnb experience with Viva Villa

We just returned from a short trip in Nha Trang and I have lots of story to tell but will start with our 2nd Airbnb experience. After our happy stay in Dalat in Cozy House, I was praying that we’ll have a great experience too in Viva Villa in An Vien, Nha Trang.

 photo 20160324_162435_zpsp6v0gilq.jpg

Our group was composed of 8 adults and 4 children (ages 4 to 8) — so you can imagine what we required — SPACE. And lots of it.

 photo 20160324_094901_zpsko54fnon.jpg

Viva Villa is in a gated community in An Vien with lots of space and just a block away from a safe beach.

 photo 20160324_163259_zps7mdjghjv.jpg

During the afternoon, there were lots of vacationers and residents here. It really surprised me that lots of Russians are in Nha Trang now. According to our hosts, An and Daria, Russian families from Mui Ne have moved to Nha Trang. And they’re running businesses too!

 photo 20160324_165331_zps1ggw7tn7.jpg

The beach was a bit rocky but the kids had a great time.

 photo 20160324_165351_zpsd8bhhhbw.jpg

The cable cars to Vinpearl are near, just outside An Vien. This is a pretty exclusive village with lots of huge villas — mostly for rent or for sale. They all looked so grand!

 photo 20160324_162607_zps1vhnofbq.jpg

Anyway, I digress. Back to our villa.

 photo 20160324_095531_zpsj6za5wqj.jpg

The kids were happy about the space. Above is a shot of the living room area with TV and karaoke.

 photo 20160324_103616_zpspbjw9gjf.jpg

The kitchen is well-equipped with the basic condiments for cooking and the fridge was filled with water and soda. There was ice in the freezer too. We visited Citimart at Nha Trang Centre for food supply and cooked most of our meals in this kitchen. Everything we needed to cook and dine were available. We were also able to do some barbecuing. Charcoal was also provided!

 photo 20160324_101921_zpsdr5sc16e.jpg

I promised to take lots of photos but when our group started using all the areas, it was difficult to get clean shots. πŸ˜› The dining table could seat 8-10. There were extra monobloc chairs on the side.

 photo 20160324_101910_zps3zdzh2wf.jpg

Viva Villa has 4 floors in total. 2 upper floors, ground floor, and the basement/garage where two motorbikes were parked (which you could rent for 150,000 VND for the whole day) and where the washing machine was. We washed all our clothes here (detergent and fabric wash were readily available). Hate going on vacations and coming back with lots of clothes for washing!

 photo 20160327_134543_zpsyzaqzbcx.jpg

The only drawback with living in a villa is that our kids loved going up and down the stairs. I wanted to stay on the 3rd floor because of the view — but with kids, we decided to just stay on the second floor. Unfortunate for our 3 senior citizens with arthritis though. πŸ˜›

 photo 20160327_134447_zpsouhwlltk.jpg

OnΒ each landing, just outside the rooms (2 on each floor), was an area where you can chill by the window.

 photo IMG_3935_zpsdp1yhsr1.jpg

The two rooms facing the street looked exactly alike with a balcony, queen-sized beds, and a bathroom with a tub, shower, and walk-in closet.

 photo IMG_3929_zpssnwe4wmd.jpg

When the adults were too lazy to bring the kids to the beach, the tub was a perfect replacement.

 photo IMG_3930_zpshvenltib.jpg

The 2 rooms facing the backyard looked the same too with the same queen-sized beds, a walk-in closet, and shower.

 photo IMG_3926_zpsxh1jispr.jpg

All rooms have cable TV and air condition. The rooms are huge and you can still fit another mattress on the floor (which they provided). According to the Viva Villa’s rules, they allow up to 10 adults and 4 kids.

 photo 20160327_134704_zpstvinoico.jpg

Lots of cabinets and drawers for your clothes.

 photo 20160324_094722_zpsadrvxyyp.jpg

Each bathroom had basic toiletries, as well as, towels — including the toilet on the ground floor where you could shower as well.

 photo 20160324_094656_zpsbcvy7ssz.jpg

All toilets have bidets. Β πŸ˜›

 photo 20160324_094702_zpsdnp40vzz.jpg

There’s WIFI all throughout the villa and yes, a First Aid cabinet! This really came in handy when my mother-in-law fell on the concrete near the beach.

 photo 20160324_103932_zpstgjrgtra.jpg

We enjoyed Viva Villa. Although it was off the center of Nha Trang, we liked our quiet space. An and Daria gave all the info we needed to get around the city — giving us contact numbers of taxi operators and even arranged the purchase of our Vinpearl tickets at a discounted price.

 photo 20160327_161916_zpszeffw8o5.jpg

I would absolutely recommend Viva Villa and the hosts are just awesome!

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