Le Crespo Pizza opens in Phu My Hung

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I first tried Le Crespo in District 1 in November last year. I have missed Le Crespo’s Prosciutto Burrata! And boy am I glad they opened their second restaurant in Phu My Hung!

 photo 20160406_192514_zpsfsg9c4bb.jpg

Co-owner, Ofelia was at the front welcoming hungry diners into the ecletically designed space.

 photo 20160406_192454_zpsodd7yqf4.jpg

Like the the restaurant in District 1, Norwin Crespo has sourced his furniture and interior from refurbished materials.  There was even an old sewing machine used as a table!

 photo 20160406_191126_zpskr3kr7jx.jpg

Norwin was manning the kitchen, making all the pizzas by hand.

 photo 20160406_183918_zps5ymgozma.jpg

They’re still feeling their way through the Phu My Hung crowd so the husband and wife team, Norwin and Ofelia see to the operations personally.

 photo 20160406_190505_zpsittmzg9o.jpg

They’ve been open for a month and am just glad they’re here so I can enjoy my prosciutto and 4 cheese.

 photo 20160406_190111_zpstur7vgik.jpg

We of course ordered their slow-cooked ribs.

 photo 20160406_190603_zpspsrijxzj.jpg

They’ve expanded their menu and I can’t wait to try their ravioli. Their carbonara is yum too!

Le Crespo
Nguyen Duc Canh,
Parkview, Phu My Hung

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3 Responses to Le Crespo Pizza opens in Phu My Hung

  1. Le Crespo Phu My Hung Scam says:

    I am writing this post on behalf of two silents victim who I knew, and total 7 of them who fall into this working scam.That the owner of the restaurant keep on hiring new waiter and waitress and promising them to pay their salary and delays 2 months until they leave.

    ” Is that the restaurant have no business?”
    ” No, very good business. I used to work as long as 12 hour per day” Victim told.
    ” Their food is good?”
    ” Yes, they hire the chef from a very famous japanese fusion pizza shop in Saigon.And steal all the recipe from there”
    ” How many months you work there.?”
    ” More then 2 months”
    ” How you know about them is hiring?”
    ” Through a friend who was working there, and eventually quit also because of the same reason of not paying salary”
    ” Why no one report police?”
    ” The female owner is somehow connected to gangster”
    ” Who are they hiring? ”
    ” They always hiring new comer from Philipines and some young local vietnamese”
    ” So, does it mean that, they constantly hiring, and delay their salary until they leave ?”
    ” This is what i think so .. I was keep on promises by the owner of Le Crespo, told me that the salary will pay soon, thats the reason why i work until now, total 2 months plus.. but after all i realize it is only a lie”

    From what I heard, this restaurant is not lacking of cash flow, and since last year, they expanded agressively and become a famous name” Recently , they looking for new investor to invest on them too. They prey on those victim who are lack of knowledge of law, young, and just coming to Ho Chi Minh City and work” Most of them dont know their rights. And somemore, when they get cheated, they have no where to voice out. Technically, they are working here without working permit.So no law to protect them.

    Those who are looking for job pls avoid yourself to falling into this job scam and keep silent.
    Those who want to invest in Le Crespo , my sincere advise is , the owner who cheat those worker eventually will cheat you. “The way you do anything, is the way you to everything”

  2. Le Crespo Phu My Hung is a Scam says:

    Avoid the JOB scam at Le Crespo.
    Le Crespo are runs by two cold hearted couple Mai Nguyet Ophely, a Swiss-Vietnamese, with Filipino Japanese Hiro Crespo who was a male model and was musician.
    Who constanly hire new staff and delay their salary until they give up .
    Le Crespo is Hiring,,,but wait, dont apply job here.

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