Vinpearl Land

One of the reasons why we wanted to go to Nha Trang this year is to take the kids to Vinpearl Land. We just knew the kids with their cousins will have a blast. And it all starts with a cable ride across the ocean.

 photo 20160325_102904_zps2lpgi9w1.jpg

I found out that my mother-in-law (MIL) is afraid of heights and was trying to get back out from the whole cable ride. But the only option would be to ride a boat which nobody wanted. So…

 photo 20160325_114935_zpsl9mloxh1.jpg

She had no choice but to ride. It was a beautiful Friday morning, not so windy so the cars weren’t shaky and the view is just awesome!

 photo 20160325_103145_zpskq04jjbk.jpg

There was a cruise ship parked right at the port.

 photo 20160325_103031_zpsunus3swq.jpg

And as it turned out, my MIL was too busy having selfies taken that she totally forgot her fear of heights. πŸ˜›

 photo 20160325_103953_zpssuywntzd.jpg

Unfortunately though, Vinpearl Land was in the middle of renovations so yup, no Water Park. 😦 The whole thing was closed off but to compensate, lunch was free for all.

 photo IMG_3671_zps4ub35upc.jpg

Unlike our family’s first visit, there were a lot of people this time of the year. And it was fun! I remember my sister riding the roller coaster by her lonesome. This time, it was way different. There were lines — but all moved quickly except for the luge which my family lined up for an hour!

 photo IMG_3677_zpsludc8jgw.jpg

Since the Water Park was closed, we were able to check out most of the rides.

 photo IMG_3650_zpsryqnjusn.jpg

And of course the shops! πŸ˜€

 photo IMG_3684_zpsd63bj6kp.jpg

Back in 2010, the castle wasn’t here yet. This housed the 4D Theatre.

 photo IMG_3690_zpsrtgb29at.jpg

According to my youngest, he enjoyed this activity more than the rest.

 photo IMG_3756_zpsr9cgl3mz.jpg

The European Carnival was in Vinpearl when we visited and we enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment.

 photo IMG_3748_zpszgwpgcgr.jpg

 photo IMG_3740_zpsdaen2v8x.jpg

 photo IMG_3749_zpsvh7fw4s0.jpg

We also went to the aquarium!

 photo IMG_3692_zpsgrri1vy0.jpg

The lighting wasn’t so good. πŸ˜›

 photo IMG_3726_zpsagwc1ycn.jpg

More on that later.

 photo IMG_3772_zpsogf0nuuy.jpg

We stayed until the Dancing Fountain ShowΒ at 7:30 PM and left soon afterwards.

 photo fecf9d76998ca4d87d5428e332db9d025af1bf7fa866f746d13b4b66c60898e2_zpswecwpeka.jpg

 photo 0e3a4851906bcb4266f7728becd7cfe2aa4f65efd97e41d75becfcf84c5efa28_zpsurksfwua.jpg

 photo b26904e1cac492ea3c20bb7f254e220544c70990bcaa549161d4ffc5692e7edf_zpsp0auflbg.jpg
Vinpearl Land never disappoints! It’s a sure hit for families!


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3 Responses to Vinpearl Land

  1. Mylene says:

    That’s the reason y I wanna go back and visit Vietnam again 😍 Vinpearl is like a paradise, although their service sucks but otherwise the place is very good πŸ™‚ We stayed there for a week and it was all good except for the service lol

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