More Reasons to Go Back to The Grand

Okay so The Grand started out as a casino destination in Vietnam. But with it being the closest weekend getaway from Ho Chi Minh City, it’s really the ideal place to escape to for families. But aside from swimming in the pool, other water activities, and getting a tan on the beach, what else can you do?

 photo 20160416_161402_zpsbrrltoc3.jpg
And for the Vietnamese who actually cannot go to the casino and hates to get a tan, there should be other “family-oriented” activities to do.

Kids Corner

  photo 20160418_084703_zpsw83ojt2z.jpg

This isn’t something new in The Grand but if you want to get a breather from taking care of your kids, you can leave them here for a fee. And maybe sneak in the casino for a bit if you’re a foreign-passport holder.

3D Movies

 photo 20160417_161825_zpsfu4weswg.jpg

3D Movies are now shown in The Grand towards the end of the week, mostly movies for families. Popcorn included.

Game Center

 photo 20160417_124427_zps323voazw.jpg

The Game Center is found near the lobby before you get to the ballroom area.

 photo 20160417_124643_zpspdom9era.jpg

There’s a variety of games here but it’s not huge so it doesn’t mar the resort-feel of The Grand. I also spied another game room being prepared for adults with table tennis and foozeball.

Mini Golf

 photo 20160416_141057_zpstxwnsmoq.jpg

From our room, we saw the Mini Golf so we were all excited to try this out. It opens from 2:30 till 10:30 PM.

 photo 20160417_154317_zpsrj5ibmwj.jpg

You just have to call on ahead if you want to play. It’s free so it can get crowded during late afternoon.

 photo 20160417_161140_zpsnn66bmna.jpg

I gave up on the 18th hole (last).

 photo 20160417_161202_zpsvje4j0hv.jpg

Outdoor playground

 photo 20160418_085007_zpsqqdb1ike.jpg

Coming soon is an outdoor playground.

Basketball Court

 photo 20160418_085037_zpsqdvrgudr.jpg

Just beyond the playground, behind the pine trees is a basketball court.

 photo 20160417_064508_zps6oz6dzz7.jpg


 photo 20160418_132659_zpsloehc3bk.jpg

Now you can mark your vacation with a souvenir photo which you can take in photobooths installed in The Grand (I saw 2).

 photo photo_20160417013344_zpswwtktsor.png

You take a photo and just send your preferred shot via email.

Now there’s 7 more reasons to stay at The Grand with the whole family. 🙂

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