Streets of Hanoi

Warning: This post will be mainly photos as I really can’t choose from the lot what to post on our recent Hanoi trip.

When we found out that there’s a long weekend over Labor Day and Liberation Day, it was too tempting not to book a holiday. Luckily our friends have a place just outside Hanoi — the Ecopark at Long Bien. It’s around 30 – 40 minutes away from the French Quarter of Hanoi. Quite far, yes?

 photo IMG_4278_zps8bdwkssz.jpg

Though far, their free bus system was more than enough to take us around. It was convenient and efficient. Just have the bus schedule on hand and you’re golden. We hardly spent on cabs except on short rides within the city and of course to and from Noi Bai Airport.

 photo IMG_4266_zpsovpruiks.jpg

Oh and cabs? Unlike in Saigon where Mai Linh and Vinasun are reigning, there was hardly any Mai Linh cabs and yup, no Vinasun. There is the Taxi Group which is reliable but seems like most of the taxi cabs were. I can’t remember all their names. One thing though, there ain’t much 7 seaters around. So with our group of 8, we’d usually take 2 small cabs to go around.

 photo IMG_4264_zpswxxt47vx.jpg

The Ecopark is a lovely, relaxed community built in within an ecopark. LOL. So there were of course lots of trees and fresh air. If I had the chance to live in the north, Ecopark would be on the top of my list.
 photo IMG_4260_zps1gf38xfj.jpg

The place has a grocery, a restaurant strip, medical clinic, kindergarten school, pharmacy, pool, gym and other facilities. Did I tell you that the air is fresh and that you can bike around?

On our first day, we briefly visited Tay Ho district to see friends. It made me realize how complex the whole north is. I really can’t wrap my head around all the expressways and flyovers. I can’t map it out in my mind.

 photo 20160430_121227_zpsmsok9bs6.jpg

So anyway on our second day, we visited the French Quarter and mainly walked around. The weather this time of the year was okay I guess. It was overcast all throughout our stay, a bit humid but perfect for walking around without fear of rain or too much heat.

 photo 20160501_095245_zpsyxaqynck.jpg

It was Labor Day and protests were going on along the Hoan Kiem Lake against Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group accused of polluting the ocean. Last month, loads of dead fish washed ashore in central Vietnam. A diver died related to the incident.

 photo 20160501_095317_zpsrlf94hkj.jpg

That was why Hoan Kiem was bustling with activity with lots of police maintaining security. According to our friend, the police is more stricter in the capital than in HCMC. So incidents of petty crime were close to nil.

 photo 20160501_095331_zpsxdzszwku.jpg

We visited/saw Cua Buc Church, St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Presidential Palace, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, various government buildings, and just basically enjoyed the street scenery. Meeting my goal of 10,000 steps a day was easy walking the streets of Hanoi.

 photo 20160501_101144_zpsdve6iuot.jpg

The Cua Bac Church is beautiful. All I see from the Internet were old photos. The church is now beautifully renovated.

 photo 20160501_101632_zpsfsz4bgu6.jpg

The parish priest greeted us by the door and since he’s used to Filipino parishioners, you can show your respect by “mano”.

 photo 20160501_113725_zps069do2cg.jpg

After mass, we walked around and just enjoyed seeing old buildings mixed with the new.

 photo 20160501_115215_zpsuxbcvhi3.jpg

This area had wide streets and wide sidewalks as well. This is the government buildings area I think.

 photo 20160501_115226_zpso0zryw6t.jpg

And I love the fact that they did not cut the trees. It was close to lunch but weather was just right.

 photo 20160501_115321_zpsdf64firw.jpg

You can actually identify office buildings because of their emblem —

 photo 20160501_115946_zpsaeqijs8t.jpg

and because of their color.

 photo 20160501_120321_zps8ae5w67n.jpg

It’s usually yellow.

 photo 20160501_120606_zpswt7ptkr5.jpg

Below is the Presidential Palace from afar.

 photo 20160501_120744_zpsjhljvgrc.jpg

The Ho Chi MInh Mausoleum is closed on Mondays/weekends and is open only in the morning. It was a Sunday but maybe because it was Labor Day, it was allowing people in. The line was long so we didn’t attempt anymore to go in.

 photo 20160501_121252_zpsltfjhmt4.jpg

The other areas of the French Quarter looked the same as in Saigon — narrow streets with retail shops left and right.

 photo 20160501_135204_zps41k6a5hl.jpg

Since it’s the holidays, there were lots of shops offering huge discounts.

 photo 20160501_135209_zpsvfgl8esa.jpg

 photo 20160501_141212_zpsjs39eibm.jpg

I wanted to check what is within this hem.

 photo 20160501_141256_zps0fafdimf.jpg

We saw lots of cyclos going around but didn’t attempt to get on one. Not sure if it’s much easier to negotiate here in Hanoi than in Saigon. But they looked like decent folks.

 photo 20160501_141638_zpsddciqgxu.jpg

We were able to drop by the iconic St. Joseph Cathedral. Unfortunately it was closed. Our friends said that it was actually nice inside.

 photo 20160501_141319_zps14tvfhx9.jpg

If there’s a church, surely there’ll be Filipinos around and yes, there were lots of them having their photos taken just like us.

 photo 20160501_142220_zps7bndsdjh.jpg

Hanoians like word plays or puns. 😛

 photo 20160501_141905_zpst1hqbrwq.jpg

 photo 20160501_142319_zpsahlgbhqx.jpg

Below is where the Water Puppet Show is shown right by Hoan Kiem Lake.

 photo 20160501_142838_zpswysj7hrz.jpg

What I love with the Vietnamese is that they love their parks. And Hoan Kiem Lake is a perfect place to chill.

 photo 20160501_143026_zpsjyhglkfq.jpg

We happened to pass by this place on our way to Halong Bay very early in the morning and everywhere you could see groups of people exercising — young and old.

 photo 20160501_144055_zpsxwjyv2cd.jpg

I just wish we had the same back in my own country.

 photo 20160501_144037_zpsta99gu4a.jpg

This guy was painstakingly making a miniature scene.

 photo 20160501_143818_zpsuibkeciy.jpg

 photo 20160501_143811_zpsdgi8raoi.jpg

 photo 20160501_144047_zpslbjztk04.jpg

The weather was snooze-worthy so it was no surprise to see this guy.

 photo 20160501_144433_zpsnak7mi9o.jpg

The clock below is a present from Bern, Switzerland.

 photo 20160501_144708_zpshijpj62m.jpg

We of course had to see the Hanoi Opera House. It looks grander at the sides.

 photo 20160501_145630_zps3a2ut1dn.jpg

While I was taking photos of the opera house, my husband was taking a photo of the some building on the right. I thought he was interested in the Hilton Hotel. But no, he was interested in the Hanoi Stock Exchange building. 😛

 photo 20160501_145755_zps2cufzmy7.jpg

Below is an interesting building — a church turned fashion house.

 photo 20160501_145917_zpseq3q5ubi.jpg

Old limos by the Metropole Hanoi Hotel.

 photo 20160501_163936_zpsjx3bmz6a.jpg

You have got to drop by Metropole! Their macarons are yum. And affordable too!

 photo 20160501_164112_zpsldunvqsw.jpg

After a long walk, all we had to do was wait by the opera house for the bus to take us back to Long Bien.

 photo IMG_3990_zpslykkz9m1.jpg

This Hanoi trip needs a repeat.

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3 Responses to Streets of Hanoi

  1. nguyen says:

    Did you visit the malls in Hanoi ? Also the Lotte Center has an amazing observation deck as good as Bitexco Tower’s.

    • Lyra says:

      We only visited Vincom Megamall and Aeon Mall. I heard that Lotte Center is amazing. We didn’t go to it anymore as our trip is mostly visiting the landmarks in Hanoi. And if you came from Manila, I don’t get amazed much with malls anymore, we have lots of those! 😀

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