Halong Bay and Dau Go Cave (continued)

After we had lunch, took a million (not really) photos, oohed and aahed over every rock formation, we arrived at the boating area.

 photo IMG_4124_zpsrrorbhkt.jpg

Our tourist guide, Tony explained that the government has been trying to get the locals to stay put in the main island where they could work. But some locals are fishermen and boaters at heart so they try to make a living touring visitors in the bay.

 photo IMG_4084_zpsnqu1frft.jpg

I wanted to get one of the boats but we just decided to stay put and take more photos!

 photo IMG_4130_zpsqc1mrmvp.jpg

We only stayed 30 minutes in this area where people can get on boats and kayak. Then off we went to see the cave.

 photo IMG_4146_zps2ciexexr.jpg

Above is the rock formation found in the 200,000 VND bill.  🙂

 photo IMG_4160_zps799g7x07.jpg

Below is one of the famous rock formations seen on postcards called the Kissing Chickens or Fighting Roosters.

 photo IMG_4168_zpsaj3gac27.jpg

 photo IMG_4180_zps9vt9ywnj.jpg

There were lots of interesting rock formations and it was really a sight to see!

 photo IMG_4186_zpsppspme0y.jpg

Then we arrived at the entrance of the cave.

 photo IMG_4192_zps9jgkzvlt.jpg

 photo IMG_4194_zpsmqa44y9l.jpg

It was the low season according to Tony but in my opinion this was a lot of tourists.

 photo IMG_4195_zpsdvw16cmq.jpg

 photo IMG_4199_zpsjp4entxw.jpg

It was a difficult climb to the cave’s entrance. I was literally huffing and puffing. So once we entered the cool cave, I was very happy!

 photo IMG_4201_zps13t7ru6y.jpg

Initially, I was afraid for my kids that they might stumble and fall. But we found out that the walkways were paved to avoid accidents.

 photo IMG_4213_zps591p0lu3.jpg

This cave was discovered in 1993. The same year as the law firm I work for was founded — just a trivia. Haha.

 photo IMG_4220_zpsz2mvzquk.jpg

It was said that the local who discovered the cave saw a monkey enter through this hole above called the “Heaven’s Gate”.

 photo IMG_4233_zpsy5ctjt9k.jpg

This place is really awesome marred only by the multi-colored lights. 😛

 photo IMG_4234_zpsernkmkux.jpg

It was said that the “breast” below represented prosperity — that’s why visitors would usually touch it. 😛

 photo IMG_4240_zpsu9hbkk1t.jpg

 photo IMG_4241_zpspadtu6mv.jpg

My 4 year old son thought that this area below is holy water. So he dipped his fingers and made the sign of the cross. 😀

 photo IMG_4235_zpsnnphyjis.jpg
 photo IMG_4247_zpscjm6fdcx.jpg

Focus on the red dot on the photo below and see the image of a dragon.

 photo IMG_4210_zpsggzafboc.jpg
 photo IMG_4251_zpsksu4owhz.jpg

We would have loved to stay longer in the cave but we had a schedule to follow. But if you happen to be in Hanoi, it is worth the long drive to visit Halong Bay.

 photo IMG_4252_zpsgeamfkat.jpg

If you like witnessing the sunrise and sunset, I imagine it’d be a terrific staying here. But for us with kids, I think our 4 hour trip was just right.

 photo IMG_4253_zpsh3vw1fpk.jpg

Hope we get the chance to come back here again.

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