Obama in Vietnam

 photo 20160524_153813_zpsjmw83xm9.jpg

Obama was all the rage last week. After his trip to Hanoi, he went here in Ho Chi Minh City and stayed at the hotel right next to our office. Our office beefed up security and yeah, roads closed around our area.

 photo 20160524_154033_zps5ju3zyzg.jpg

I knew for a fact that I would not be seeing Obama at all. And I was actually amused with people running to the edge of the streets just get a glimpse of whatever “official” car was passing by. Yup, this was the crowd when Obama’s plane just landed in Tan Son Nhat.

 photo 20160524_153900_zpscihjy57s.jpg

What were we waiting for here? LOL.

 photo 20160524_154041_zpsorcynypu.jpg

My officemate though was able to attend Obama’s talk at the GEM Center. Lucky her!

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