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Artbook Movie Posters

Every time I pass by TRI Books along Dong Khoi, I am fascinated by the art work done on movie posters. I have been thinking of buying but I really don’t have the space for it at home. But, I … Continue reading

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Di Bay Muon

Over the weekend, a friend visited and was wracking my brain for a good pasalubong or “gift” that represents Vietnam. I got her a couple of pillow covers with Vietnamese designs that can be easily brought home and a couple … Continue reading

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Kenneth Cobonpue: A Brand On Its Own

In my former life, I used to write for a magazine. One time, I had the opportunity to interview world-renowned furniture maker, Kenneth Cobonpue but the article didn’t see the light of day. That was in 2007. Thought it would … Continue reading

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Viet Thuong

Years ago, we bought an electric piano from Do Re Mi Shop ( somewhere in Ly Tu Trong St. Then they closed and moved elsewhere. It was only last weekend that while looking for a guitar for my son that … Continue reading

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

One of my groups was discussing about Himalayan Salt Lamps. Sure, I’ve hear about ’em. But do they work? Wasn’t quite too sure. And not sure about the pricing in Vietnam as well. With “Himalayan” attached to the product, it … Continue reading

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5 Steps for Moving to Vietnam

Up until the last decade, Vietnam was seldom thought of as a place for Americans and expats to move when they retired or decided to relocate overseas. Over the years however, it has increasingly become quite the popular place to … Continue reading

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Dear President Digong

Sorry Vietnam friends, I just had to get this off my chest. I’ve been living in Vietnam for the past 7 years but my heart still belongs to my motherland. On May 9 of this year, my country held the … Continue reading

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Gymboree Fun!

When we first moved here in Vietnam with a 10-month old, I wasn’t sure how to entertain him before he starts going to school. So we tried all the possible playgroups around, including Gymboree.  Now, that 10-month old is a … Continue reading

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