Viet Thuong

Years ago, we bought an electric piano from Do Re Mi Shop ( somewhere in Ly Tu Trong St. Then they closed and moved elsewhere.

 photo 20160614_104536_zpss8bam3v3.jpg

It was only last weekend that while looking for a guitar for my son that I found out that Viet Thuong in Crescent Mall is actually Do Re Mi’s shop.

 photo 20160614_103438_zpsxtnlilbn.jpg

Since my electric piano’s adapter was busted, I decided to have it checked out at Viet Thuong in Crescent Mall but they said they don’t have any replacement. I even asked where I could possibly get a replacement but they said they didn’t know.

And then we called up the number on Viet Thuong’s website and they said we can get one in their shop in Nguyen Trai. This is really perplexing when the shop in Crescent and the shop in Nguyen Trai is one and the same. Sigh.

 photo 20160614_122243_zpsgu6kto7w.jpg

So anyway, finally found the replacement adapter and came out with a couple of egg shakers and maracas. 😛

Viet Thuong (Do Re Mi Shop)
150/47 AB Nguyen Trai St. District 1

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