UberMoto to the rescue

So after 6 years, we decided to say goodbye to our 2 bedroom apartment. Needless to say, it was an ominous task. But it was a good exercise too to finally wade through 6 years of accumulated stuff and declutter.

We had so much toys and books and I knew we had to let go a lot of those. So last week, I started selling some of my books. I probably had around 30 books for sale. I ended up having these last pile to let go of:

 photo 20160705_192437_zpsiceskvlw.jpg(Update: Where’s Wally, Morning Rush, Elidor and Chronicle of a Death Foretold were sold today.)

Mostly those interested would show up at home or in my office building  for meet-ups. But there was one who couldn’t make it. So I booked UberMoto.

 photo 20160707_145629_zps2txzsqqa.jpg

So efficient!

 photo Screenshot_2016-07-07-15-16-28_zpsu0ulylua.png

Incidentally, I have coloring books to sell. You remember when I went gaga over coloring books? Well yeah, I bought too much. So please, if you’re interested, drop me a line. I can’t color them all!

 photo 20160702_212018_zpsevbxtphs.jpg

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