It was a beautiful afternoon today.

Decided to go for a quick walk to Notre Dame to light a candle for my mom who underwent an eye operation today. Still waiting to hear news though. Hopefully, all will be well.

 photo 20160714_145224_zps7uxihuvg.jpgMy favorite street, Book Street

 photo 20160714_145602_zps4iafbi81.jpgMovie Posters on a discount!

 photo 20160714_145759_zps87iz0rxc.jpg

 photo 20160714_151355_zpskvxg2vsv.jpgIced tea in a plastic bag

 photo 20160714_151528_zpsybclbqwf.jpg

 photo 20160714_151557_zpsl3suko7s.jpg

 photo 20160714_151606_001_zpsumlvnwck.jpgCyclo waiting for the tourists inside the church

 photo 20160714_151744_zpsqdiyrdlz.jpgWould have been nice to have coffee and chill for the rest of the afternoon

Good afternoon, Saigon!

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