7 Years

July is our anniversary month here in Vietnam. And just like that, 7 years have past since we first called Ho Chi Minh City our home. A lot of our friends have gone back to their home countries or moved overseas or found a different job.

So many changes.

Right in our neighborhood, the Lotteria at the corner of our apartment complex closed. It has been there since we moved here 7 years ago and in it’s place now stands one of my favorite restaurants, Cha Ca La Vong.

 photo 20160730_130239_zps8jbagvdi.jpg

It opened maybe last month and it’s only now that we’ve gotten to eat here.

 photo 20160730_123135_zps2ig5e4nk.jpg

After eating at Cha Ca Thanh Long in Hanoi, I was quite disappointed with the cut of the fish but it’s still absolutely delicious.

 photo 20160730_123441_zpsexqgjqkb.jpg

After a quick lunch, we dropped by this new fruit shop made up of container vans —

 photo 20160730_122549_zpst6hvbbzz.jpg

It looked really nice. But hubby pointed out that this may not be the best site for this business and mustn’t get too attached. 😛

 photo 20160730_132401_zpssoeapxv5.jpg

 photo 20160730_132638_zpsco1fqgmt.jpg

 photo 20160730_132545_zpssmvuwpnx.jpg

The fruits are fresh and you can also coffee from here.

 photo 20160730_132536_zps59lkisno.jpg

 photo 20160730_132512_zpsj39msvbx.jpg

 photo 20160730_132444_zpsbx41dyzg.jpg

 photo 20160730_132410_zpscszurtac.jpg

Not too sure what this year will bring but am sure HCMC will continue to surprise us.

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2 Responses to 7 Years

  1. Long Nguyen says:

    I remember the Lotteria at that corner. When I made many visits from the US to Vietnam to visit my then girlfriend who then became my fiance and eventually became my wife, I would stay on that side of the neighborhood in Phu My Hung, I would walk around the neighborhood to exercise and would walk past that Lotteria all the times and even try the hamburger once.

  2. Levie Graciano says:

    This help me to be updated while here in HCMC, Vietnam. I am a newcomer about six weeks. Today I would love to attend mass because it is the Feast of the Assumption but the English Mass Schedule posted in Catholic Churches is just for Sundays. Thank you and hope you may post it through this way.

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