Pokemon Go Craze in Vietnam

 photo Pokemon_Go_zpstsbvcauo.png

So Pokemon Go became available last August 6 in Vietnam but since I’m one of the older generation (LOL), am not sure how it’s faring except through the news:

In Photos: Pokemon Go Craze in Vietnam
Death by Pokemon: Public safety fears mount in Hanoi
Vietnam begins experiencing the dark side of Pokémon GO

It’s pretty popular in my home country and friends have been exchanging tips on how to play the game. But me? I really have no clue. I know of Pokemon but have not followed its evolution from comics to TV series to games. There are card games too, right?

So anyway, just got curious and checked the game out. Am currently on Level 6 without doing anything much — I mean, I don’t really go around.

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-15-22-07-57_zpseawtlwss.png


As you can see, it’s no fun in playing this at home. Even if I walk for 2 kilometers, there’s nothing here. It’s a deadzone. 😛

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-13-19-56-32_zpsssxy56o5.png

Crescent Mall

I was able to try it once when we ate dinner at Crescent Mall and it was teeming with people playing the game.

 photo 20160815_125116_zps2xypgmrj.jpg


Since I don’t go out of my usual routine, I just rely on whatever I can find nearby. 😛 I found out that the Hard Rock Cafe is a Pokestop. So you can hang out there or the nearby Starbucks. Me? I had lunch at The Dots. 😀


 photo Screenshot_2016-08-15-10-24-37_zpschom0o01.png

Pokestops Galore

Lots of Pokestops at downtown District 1. And that the Post Office has two Pokestops and the Notre Dame Cathedral is a gym. It didn’t feel right playing there.  😛

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-15-17-26-26_zpsxzi53tex.png

Near my bus stop is a Pokestop.

 photo Screenshot_2016-08-15-17-52-36_zpsdrjntxja.png


I only rely on whatever I can find on the way to the office and back. Haha. There’s a lot of Pokestops along Nguyen Tat Thanh in D4 but ends before you get on the bridge to D7.

So anyway, have fun with Pokemon Go! Let’s see when this craze will fizzle out. 😛

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