Saigon Centre + Takashimaya

Before Saigon Centre’s reopening this year, I’ve only visited it twice (in 7 years). But looks like I’d be visiting it more often now with it’s new and improved shopping experience.

 photo 20160817_104434_zpsdihagez3.jpg

It felt like going to Shangri-la in Manila.

 photo 20160817_104439_zpsqkxoev2x.jpg

I liked that they opened with almost all their shops already operational. And as expected from articles I’ve read, there are a number of new shops and restaurants.

 photo 20160817_104430_zps0ghorabr.jpg

In the Takashimaya side, high end clothes and bags are displayed unencumbered. In Crescent Mall, Runway is behind closed glass doors — which actually discourage shoppers  to check it out. If it’s caged, it must be way beyond your budget. So why bother going in, right?

 photo 20160817_111410_zpsfj3tzbmy.jpg

Had to take a photo of Under Armour to show hubby, as he has been looking for an outlet for a while.

 photo 20160817_112956_zpsvztmkfwn.jpg

I got excited by Annam Gourmet Market. Bought some tea here.

 photo 20160817_131510_zps1arhcvtv.jpg

Finally, TWG in Vietnam.

 photo 20160817_131500_zpsdqypszrx.jpg

But it was the macarons, not the tea, that excited me. 😛

 photo 20160817_141254_zpsod2tfb6x.jpg

There were 7 flavors available today.

 photo 20160817_105713_zpsylgarqab.jpg

Because my friend wanted to buy something from Minh Long, we went in.

 photo 20160817_105937_zpsqdmh7zzz.jpg

Only their best stuff is here.

 photo 20160817_110233_zpsw1hcdosa.jpg

Dropped by Lladro next door and was in awe with their products!

 photo viber image1_zpsure8erf5.jpg

A 34MVND chandelier. It’s beautiful IRL.
 photo viberimage2_zpsafjcfrvr.jpg  photo viberimage3_zpscpauz6yj.jpg













In Saigon Centre, the restaurants are all in Level 5. The usual suspects are there like Thai Express and Pepper Lunch. But there’s a place called Asian Corner where you can go in and several Asian restaurants share the same space.

 photo 20160817_104951_zpsckrtqhgw.jpg

It’s actually pretty nice inside although, according to my friend, it can really get crowded during the weekend.

 photo 20160817_104725_zps7c3tptg2.jpg

 photo 20160817_104733_zpsqgtflxag.jpg

Lots of space inside so I wonder what it’s like during the weekends. 😛

 photo 20160817_104756_zpsncp9b4io.jpg

If you’re craving for Japanese cuisine, there’s another area with several Japanese restaurants sharing the same space too —

 photo 20160817_105234_zpsqoz06vst.jpg

Thinking of coming back for some carbs here though in Pizza Logic but there are a couple more of pizza places here.

 photo 20160817_105202_zpsmjsavb4k.jpg

But yeah, they’ve got McDonald’s too. 😛

 photo 20160817_114806_zpscsvdmpc7.jpg

And if you’re hoping for some shopping time minus your kids, you can drop them off at Tini World or Little Einsteins.

 photo 20160817_105515_zpsvhqkqzgu.jpg

 photo 20160817_115720_zpscr1jewbx.jpg

So there, just a quick look see of Saigon Centre + Takashimaya. If you’re going to shop for something, it’s definitely a place to visit. No cinemas here though so it’ll be mainly for shopping and eating. 🙂

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