Dessert Heaven

 photo 20160817_133701_zps094mkwjq.jpg
Apparently if you want to get to dessert heaven in Takashimaya, you have to go down their basement.

 photo 20160817_114334_zpskwzl1gfd.jpg

The gods of sweets converged at the pit of Takashimaya and plotted to make everyone load up on calories. Yup, there are savory dishes here as well but totally eclipsed by these desserts.

 photo 20160817_114437_zpskhs5bdjo.jpg

And because I have low EQ, I emerged from the chocolate pit with a bag full of goodies.

 photo 20160817_132326_zpsvz066afi.jpg

I’ve been curious about Cheesecake Ngon for a long time but their shop is quite far from my place. So I was quite excited to see it in Takashimaya.

 photo 20160817_141337_zpsomdrblgy.jpg

I would like to take my sponsor, Tita Bing who got my boys, Manuel and Sam this cheesecake for their birthday this August.

 photo 20160817_141357_zpsuqajsgyp.jpg

Just your classic, no frills melts-in-your-mouth cheesecake. Truly delicious!

 photo 20160817_112711_zpsiu6b6ot0.jpg

Seriously, you can’t get away from the sweets. They’re all over!

 photo 20160817_132331_zps2bc2ljcm.jpg

And if you’re a fan of the cakes in 4Ps from Star Kitchen — well, they’re here too!

 photo 20160817_112824_zpso8lus5zz.jpg

There’s macarons from TWG or you can head on inside Annam Gourmet too!

 photo 20160817_112944_zpsxz8wfieu.jpg

Craving for sweets? You know where to go.

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2 Responses to Dessert Heaven

  1. diane says:

    Hi Lyra! I landed here because I was looking for lifestyle blogs based in Vietnam. I discovered you from this site

    I was surprised to discover that you were a fellow Filipino Kabayan ! :))) At first, I was somehow in denial haha but after reading a few posts… confirmed!!! Hahaha All the more I was happy because I discovered a fellow Filipino blogger.

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I’m just stealing some office hours haha only to realize I should stop and return to work. I’m adding you up in my blog reads. I enjoyed reading your posts. The pictures and stories behind are so refreshing to read. Glad to have found you here and in the future, I hope I’ll be able to tour Vietnam.

    • Lyra says:

      Hi Diane! Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I truly appreciate it when readers get in touch with me. 🙂 Hopefully this blog will convince you to visit Vietnam soon! ♡

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