Food Trip: Nara Thai

 photo 20160817_130459_zpsbrxntsq1.jpg

Saigon Centre + Takashimaya have lots of restaurants now. So exciting! And my friend and I tried, Nara Thai. We’re big fans of Tuk Tuk so we wanted to check how Nara Thai would fare.

 photo 20160817_121221_zpspk5waara.jpg

Prices here are more expensive than in Tuk Tuk but it was expected in such location.

 photo 20160817_123020_zpsebdfsoxg.jpg

We had the usual Thai red iced tea. As soon as we tasted it, we were ready to write off Nara Thai. Seriously. It was bland. We had it taken back to be remixed. Not sure if that’s their usual recipe but have been going to Tuk Tuk and Koh Thai (their iced tea’s are yum!) and Nara’s didn’t compare.

 photo 20160817_122130_zpssbd0nn0i.jpg

But…. came the green curry… and the fish….

 photo 20160817_122728_zpsrkxxyubs.jpg

Okay, so we’re coming back. Hahahaha!  Absolutely delicious!

They have an extensive menu but not all were available yet. They don’t have the mango salad with catfish which we enjoy. Hopefully they’ll get there. And fix the iced tea too. 😛

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