What’s your mooncake flavor?

Mid-Autumn festival or Tết Trung Thu is happening in a couple of weeks and you cannot ignore the mooncakes being sold left and right. And this year, my first taste of mooncake was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Black Forest mooncake.

 photo 20160820_161809_zpsftcp4r0v.jpg

It was so good that I got a whole box for a friend who’s been missing mooncakes a whole lot.

 photo 0-02-01-4bf6ce7d8d92b9cda7756331ff5fcba3d3c88be8e6c11fbb64f03333d1cd347b_full_zps8qfl8jkz.jpg

One mooncake costs 150,000 VND each but can gets pricier when packaged this way.

 photo 0-02-01-c12c48ecdb190edf77c9013909b4281fee74acb11c15a9d40fa922df2caa0a9f_full_zpse262nihy.jpg

The three more flavors are Tiramisu with Cream Cheese, Pandan Lotus, and Green Tea Lotus.

 photo 0-02-01-02f3be8b1d6b1b2d9b2b8c5becba1475540c2fdeb93f6b8c08d8825508d9a80e_full_zpscdlfhtkr.jpg
This year, the office got it’s mooncake from Hotel Equatorial. Yup, the box is made of leather. It was heavy.

 photo 0-02-01-7facfc28152b4205e597f1fcc2945c2f30f93aa2d62f666cb15529fcac174d3b_full_zps9jlpi4i7.jpg

I was hoping for an all non-traditional flavors but who am I kidding?

 photo 0-02-01-d0e3f093adf1b40c0dfb9f0453a115b765f7957d3f80aa511ed998bf1319cef3_full_zpsfkkx3sak.jpg

There’s the Lotus & Dark Cherry, Mixed Spices with 1 egg, Roasted Chicken with 1 egg, and the Green Tea Lotus.

 photo 20160821_101044_zpsiln6ksw8.jpg

I always look forward to how the new mooncakes each year would look like and the very expensive packaging.

 photo 20160821_101056_zpssvaqyrsf.jpg

Chocolate Graphics has come out with their own mooncakes. Interesting!

 photo 20160821_101134_zps6bgxmtpu.jpg

The food in Golden Jade Restaurant is delicious –hopefully, their mooncakes as well.

 photo 20160821_101209_zpssyzntnkb.jpg

McDonald’s have amped their prices this year.

What’s your go to brand for mooncakes?

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