Saigon Square 3

Last Saturday, we were hanging out at a coffee shop wasting time at the PokeGym (I know!) when I had the bright idea to check out Saigon Square 3 (technically it’s 2 because, Saigon Square 2 has closed down already) along Hai Ba Trung.

So yeah, instead of wasting time, we wasted money as well.

I work a couple of blocks away from Saigon Square HBT but has never set foot in it. It was built early last year. I believe it’s a 2 storey complex but after over a year, only the 1st floor is operational.

It smells cleaner and is more orderly than the Saigon Square 1 (SS1) along Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. But that meant, it had less customers. Compared to SS1, this one wasn’t bustling with people on a Saturday afternoon. I could hardly find a quiet spot in SS1 on a weekend.

Of course SS1 would have more products as it is bigger but SS3 there are some nicer choices on clothes here in my frame and size. 😛

Well, all the more reason to shop in Saigon!

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