Movie Coasters by Artbook

Remember me raving about the movie posters by Artbook?

 photo 0-02-07-2f12187b629d468d25fa1472b8c73a995c1c712a6c8d166b9eb19713fa1fee7f_full_zpsszuyfgkv.jpg

Yes, yes, like The Big Bang Theory poster I got. I know the Lego version is not part of this post but yah know, this might be the last time I get to build one as I have no patience for building things…so let’s just park this photo here, shall we?

 photo 20160922_141835_zps8m0gtysm.jpg

So anyhoo, the posters has a coaster counterpart! Look at this loot!

 photo 20160922_125413_zpsqjhqexo3.jpg

It was quite a feat to stop myself to buy these.

 photo 20160920_165546_zps6n69eotb.jpg

Ugh. Back to the Future. Be still my heart!

 photo 20160920_180339_zpslephf1fk.jpg

They’re currently a buy 5 coasters, get 1 free promo.

 photo 20160920_180154_zpsucilbzgq.jpg

I did not splurge I promise you. These coasters are going to friends in Manila.

 photo 20160920_180608_zpsrdj7qebm.jpg

Am just amazed by the artwork of Artbook. Who are the artists behind these? Would like to feature them if possible. Hello, Artbook!

 photo 20160920_180415_zps7uypeoac.jpg

If you’re not keen on posters or coasters, they do have a postcard version. Now that’s really something!

 photo 20160920_180212_zpserxnablj.jpg

And I also spied a LOTR placemat! Huhuhu! Avoid TRI Books at all cost if you don’t want to break your budget.

TRI Books
158 Dong Khoi St., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City


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