Customized Tumblers from Lock & Lock

This is not a paid post but just wanna share something I’ve discovered recently with friends visiting from Manila.

 photo 20160930_114003_zps9az3uu09.jpg

A few weeks ago, friends were asking about customized tumblers from Lock & Lock which they’ve heard were available here in Vietnam. I really had no idea what they were talking about until we ended up in Lock & Lock in Vincom.

 photo 20160930_114421_zpsqryaoqx5.jpg

So there are several choices of tumblers which you can purchase and have a name engraved on for free in just 5 minutes!

 photo 20160930_114605_zps80avdw71.jpg

So wouldn’t you know it? I learned this from tourists! 😀  A perfect gift for family this Christmas! 😉 I checked out Lock & Lock in Crescent Mall and yup, they have this service too. I bet they’ve had this service for a long time and I just didn’t notice.

Oh and friends found out that this is available too in Manila — only that you have to wait a week to get your tumbler engraved on.


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