With friends and family visiting, I just realized how much of Saigon has changed. With the subway construction, more changes are about to happen.

 photo 20161010_105522_zps8y8mowbn.jpg

They knocked a few buildings here and there but I am pretty sure that it was Nguyen Hue first makeover that started the domino effect.

 photo 20161010_105541_zpsgsrytduw.jpg

It is such a lovely, lovely street that you can just sit on one of the benches to wile the time away — especially these days when the sun doesn’t come out as often because of the frequent rains in the afternoons. It’s almost always cloudy in Saigon.

 photo 20161010_105451_zpsjm4vxwkd.jpg

But there are some streets that haven’t changed yet.

 photo 20161010_105352_zpswo03lqc2.jpg

Nguyen Thiep is known for the Vietnamese restaurant, Lemongrass and still has that same Ciao Cafe at the corner of Nguyen Hue.

 photo 20161010_105152_zpscxa3z1m8.jpg

The street is also known for good souvenir finds. Sometimes a bit pricey but since most well-known hotels are just around, they do just fine.

 photo 20161010_105130_zpsv1xgk3c8.jpg

And I guess it’s main attraction is Eximbank at the corner of Dong Khoi. One always gets a good deal on the exchange rate plus they accept a lot of currencies, including Philippine Peso.

The weather is perfect for exploring the streets of Saigon — until it rains of course! Must do more street hopping. 😉


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1 Response to #SceneInSaigon

  1. Vivian says:

    When I first set foot in Saigon for work in 2000, Ciao & Lemongrass were the already in business. I was staying on Nguyen Hue, in Saigon Prince hotel (now know as Duxton). Every weekend, there will be the Walls paddle pop song played loudly by the ice cream vendor, and kid playing on the street in early morning.
    Things have changed for better 👌

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