Food Trip: Oc Nhu

Hidden in one of the hems along Dien Bien Phu St. is one of the popular seafood restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City among the locals.

 photo alley_zpsmyc9srs1.png

So well hidden in fact, you can’t get there without an invitation from someone who’ve been there before. Hahahaha! Seriously, I wouldn’t have found it. It was way off from the main road.

 photo 20161026_113647_zpsato9scd9.jpg

According to our friend (Hi Sheila!), this place is so popular that it has spawned 3 restaurants along this hem.

 photo 20161026_113759_zpsepbthuou.jpg

How to order? You have to go out the restaurant to choose your own seafood. We have the same style in the Philippines called, “turo-turo”Β  or in English, “point-point”! Hahaha!

 photo 20161026_113807_zpsivylfm53.jpg

 photo 20161026_113810_zpsumbzh0fs.jpg

So much seafood to choose from and I really was confused so I did what every lazy gal like me would do — let the friends decide. πŸ˜›

 photo 20161026_113818_zpsgqn4uwgg.jpg

This is one of the restaurants at 11:30 am:

 photo 20161026_113822_zpst14wb5gr.jpg

Yup, it was full already. So we went to the second one:

 photo 20161026_114003_zpsvhpgntg7.jpg

I was worried that we’d stuff ourselves silly but I didn’t have to worry because this place doesn’t serve rice at all. They didn’t even want to give us plates in the first place. Look at my mini spoon and fork. πŸ˜›

 photo 20161026_114818_zpsrxkjlm8e.jpg

These snails are my favorite but it really gave me a hard time!

 photo 20161026_114414_zps9tyr5clr.jpgSnails

 photo 20161026_114505_zpscrcn4v6g.jpgClams

 photo 20161026_114632_zpszbmahyzm.jpgCrabs cooked in garlic

 photo 20161026_114656_zpszy0p6bhj.jpg
This is a type of snails and is really, really yummy! I’d easily go back for this one alone.

 photo 20161026_114930_zpsmpc3j7gb.jpgGrilled Shrimps

 photo 20161026_115047_zpsptrmhgpa.jpgCrabs cooked in tamarind sauce!

 photo 20161026_115717_zps0evtisjk.jpgOysters with cheese!

 photo 20161026_115812_zpsvuva8zwl.jpg

Some tips when eating here:

  1. Bring rice or buy banh mi right outside the restaurant for your carbo fix.
  2. Bring wet wipes. They have wipes but it’s not enough if you ate the stuff we did.
  3. Be adventurous. Don’t worry they have a working toilet with lots of water.
  4. Use the trash can under your table to feign that you didn’t eat a lot.
  5. Try the hot vit lon.

 photo 20161026_122020_zpstdak1r2q.jpg

Hot vit lon (a.k.a. as balut in the Philippines or duck embryo) in tamarind sauce and peanuts! Love, love this one!

 photo 20161026_120748_zpsecsnq9et.jpg

Okay, so to taste is to believe so I just urge you to visit Oc Nhu. That’s if you can find the place. Hahaha!

Seriously though, you can find them in the address below. The hem is right across Sacombank or if you can find this man out front. πŸ˜€

 photo 20161026_124937_zpsj1wkdiy1.jpg

Oc Nhu
650/4/29D Dien Bien Phu
P. 11, Q. 10
0908 337 360

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