Paul Bakery

French bakery, Paul makes its debut in Saigon Centre as it’s nth franchise. It hasn’t even made it yet to their website.

We’ve tried this place a couple of times as it’s fairly new. On our first visit, the servers weren’t quite efficient yet as they’ve forgotten to serve our drinks. We were almost done with our pastries, the lemon meringue tartlet and flan, when they served our drinks all wrong. We wanted the hot Cafe Mocha but were served the cold.

But of course, that didn’t deter us from going back. How can you say no to good coffee?  So on our next visit we tried the Atlantique Salmon Baguette, hot chocolate, and cafe miel.

 photo 20161029_164459_zpsw935iyyg.jpg

Cafe Miel

Am not fond of honey in my coffee (Cafe Miel), so my hot chocolate suited me just fine. It was delicious. It takes me back to Dalat.  I think it has now become my favorite drink in Paul.

Looking for a quiet place in Saigon Centre away from the crowd? Paul is a good choice. Find them at the 1st floor of Saigon Centre near the Le Loi – Pasteur corner entrance.

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3 Responses to Paul Bakery

  1. Cool! I used to love Paul when I was in Paris.

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