Finding Ngan Thong

I know there are a lot of art supplies shop in the city but Ngan Thong was one of the first shops that I found to have all the stuff I need. That’s why when they closed their shop along Pasteur St. (because the whole strip was was sold off), I was pretty bummed.

 photo 20161110_100234_zps8zlp3b8k.jpg

Luckily, I was able to visit right before they moved and they placed me in their contact list. This is actually their third location. The shop they moved to right after Pasteur didn’t work out.

 photo 20161110_100324_zpsazqz1wvd.jpg

This new shop looks like first one, only more orderly but it’s really like they just uprooted the whole Pasteur shop and dumped ’em all in Vo Van Kiet.

 photo 20161110_100403_zpspv3jmymg.jpg

And since it’s Christmas time, I had to find them for my Christmas art projects.

 photo 20161110_100406_zpsx3d1wtje.jpg

Oh how I’ve missed them! 😀

 photo 20161110_100950_zpsypnkt4r2.jpg

 photo 20161110_100955_zpsa5blcgr6.jpg

 photo 20161110_101023_zpscupwv1eh.jpg

Ngan Thong
314 Vo Van Kiet, D1

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