Supermoon 2016

So last night there was much ado about the Supermoon — with the moon being the closest to Earth since January 1948.

 photo 20161114_202646_zpsqgigw04a.jpg

I saw it on my way home from work and couldn’t wait to get home to the kids to view it with them.

 photo 20161114_182700_zpsrbld8au4.jpg

Sam was already sending me messages to come home to view it with them at the playground. It was at its brightest by the time I got home.

 photo 20161114_203218_zpsjsthzcr5.jpg

Manuel set up the telescope before 8:52PM (when it was said that it will reach it’s maximum size).

 photo 20161114_203233_zpswzulx2ob.jpg

The next time we’d have the moon close to earth again will be in 18 years on 25 November 2034. My boys would be ages 26 and 22 by that time. 😛

So here are a few shots we took. We’re no professionals obviously! Just want these as keepsakes for the kids and our time here in Vietnam. These shots weren’t easy. Have to be prepared for the next one in 2034. Hahaha!

 photo Fotor_147918687667454_zps8ukwntuz.jpg
 photo Fotor_147918694116970_zpsvdssz56p.jpg
 photo Fotor_147918679338580_zps6ebesfs2.jpg
 photo Fotor_14791869781116_zpslljinygp.jpg
 photo Fotor_147918691052775_zpsk7w2gl55.jpg
 photo Fotor_147918674475433_zpsssu8ia1p.jpg

Love our telescope. Although it ain’t that powerful, the moon looked awesome!

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2 Responses to Supermoon 2016

  1. sweetangel says:

    I wish I could have a telescope to watch the supermoon

  2. What an amazing experience for your boys! I have a telescope too but it cannot take pictures like yours.

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