Terry Fox Run for a family of 4

We usually ride our bikes to the Terry Fox Run as it’s not easy to drag a 4 year old in a 5km run. Rafa would be sitting on the front mounted seat on my bike — but he has outgrown that already. We do have a bike with a child carrier at the back that can fit Rafa, but it wasn’t road worthy for long distances. We don’t have strollers anymore and as soon as our kids could walk and run, we trained them as most as we can to use their legs more (READ: Lazy to lug strollers around and carry kids).

So the day before, we checked if our 4 year old can hack it with the trailer bike.

 photo 0-02-06-3fc924e3d4d9a03000da8c1619107a05b632d63be16f1847cbdd5d8627a3c10b_full_zpsg9vygtzw.jpg

He could but it meant having him on the trailer from our place 3 kms away then all throughout the race then going back. That’s like a total of 11 km.Wasn’t too sure we’d win the parents of the year if we did that.  So we just decided to bring the bikes of the kids and hubby and I would walk/jog alongside them.

 photo samrafa_zpsmasrgwlj.png

So bright and early yesterday, we hauled the 2 bikes in a cab and went to the run. Not sure how many turned up but it was a lot that hubby and I got split up since we were tailing the kids. And since Rafa hadn’t had any breakfast yet, he stopped for ice cream. That took a while so we had to cut across the run to catch up with hubby and Sam.

Here are some shots of the race. Will definitely be more prepared next time — I imagine it would be easier with a 5 year old. Hopefully.

 photo 20161127_075713_zpsdbegebxs.jpgTrying to get a spot near the starting line

 photo 20161127_074904_zpsqkj7tgz4.jpgJabil Vietnam

 photo 20161127_080459_zpsi4j7mm6w.jpg
And we’re off

 photo 20161127_080941_zpshjmdjcpq.jpg
Up and down the bridge. Had to carry Rafa’s bike.

 photo 20161127_081136_zpspngkuvxy.jpg
Look at those short legs!

 photo 0-02-06-3957b35ef9278378c065fea06afc93d340a9d9e9d54e57050758b0b763aa15e5_full_zpsctxllkx9.jpgLooked fun!
 photo 20161127_082213_zpsqss73zm0.jpg
It wasn’t even 2 kilometers and people were stopping for ice cream.

 photo 20161127_082338_zpst2exndzl.jpg
First meal of the day

 photo 20161127_083816_001_zpsnaj7xt4e.jpgHad to make a shortcut.

 photo 20161127_085706_zpswpsj0rb6.jpgBeating

 photo 20161127_090840_zpsrqbxzqop.jpg
Sam too tired to bike

 photo 20161127_091334_zpsbav4fhdt.jpg
Almost there! (Lost my cap! Good I had the CGV back up!)

 photo 20161127_091441_zpsxehraqkb.jpg
Crossed the finish line!

 photo 0-02-06-d2904f6ce6bac25c3ba090439846d195e95a722523e0e63b031cdc85c32da2ab_full.0_zpsqgl7oj7a.jpgHope this year’s run raised a lot of donations!

See you next year!

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