Noriter: Mom & Kids Cafe

A couple of months ago, a friend invited us to the birthday of her son at this new Mom & Kids Cafe, Noriter in Happy Valley.

 photo 20161104_103324_zpsqyyo3scs.jpg

I haven’t explored the Happy Valley area so I was curious to see what the place looked like. The trouble was, it was a long walk from the apartment and a short ride if you get on a cab which will earn you dagger looks from the driver. Luckily, they have an electric car service.

 photo 20161104_102753_zpsudbg0nhs.jpg

Seriously, they should have this around the area for nearby trips.

 photo 20161104_102800_zpsqqe10uqb.jpg

Noriter has 3 pick up points along Pham Van Nghi St., right below our apartment (Love Me Tender, Sky Garden Security Office, and Aceline Bakery). You just have to give them a call or message at 0122 575 9685.

 photo 20161104_103504_zpszivayay2.jpg

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried their drinks or food yet because I attended a party…but the place is terrific if you want to keep your kids busy while you catch up on some quiet time.

 photo 20161104_104354_zpsds7id5gw.jpg

Aside from a lot of play area, there are books too!

 photo 20161104_104409_zpskiwqx0jb.jpg
Here are more photos of the place:

 photo 20161104_104427_zps7j1ao9kw.jpg
 photo 20161104_104451_zps6atzdnpo.jpg
 photo 20161104_104503_zps5wgkmxli.jpg

How they fit in a mini pool is beyond me. Hahaha!

 photo 20161104_104507_zpsvb7gk5kd.jpg

There were always 2 attendants looking after the kids and helped in giving the kids a bath. They’ve got shampoo and even plastic to put your kids wet stuff. That’s important to me! 😛

 photo 20161104_110304_zpsakdfhhqx.jpg
 photo 20161104_111505_zps2sirb7yd.jpg
 photo 20161104_111838_zpspko1v7f5.jpg

The Christmas break is long so if you’re looking for a place to breathe, Noriter is a good option.

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