Maison Marou Chocolate – Cafe

When we were in Dalat around this time last year, we were in search of the best hot chocolate. It was the perfect drink in the cold, cold climate of Dalat during Christmas. Was excited too to have tried Paul Bakery’s hot chocolate here in Saigon.

And then there’s Marou. Somewhere in Saigon‘s Tanya mentioned it in one of her post that I couldn’t wait to visit Marou’s cafe. I love the fact that they source their cacao beans from local farmers and that they produce single origin chocolate bars and now that they have their cafe!

 photo 0-02-06-db18ec074ab9906fda8bc1528845e4c0f3bd094c59f1318f0deb3c27e84520c2_full_zpsubbyv9d7.jpg
So a Sunday ago, the whole family went there and we’re glad we came. Wish though that there were more of their cafes around (especially in D7 *hint* *hint*).

 photo 0-02-06-df9c1f69953083150c32d7dde80fda67780055e1d9a0d98a3726ce7685c5abd1_full_zps3agdhgks.jpg

The place was packed and the only available seats were by the open kitchen.

 photo 20161218_163205_zpspwh76zjk.jpg

 photo 20161218_163159_zpsagwarygv.jpg
Lucky for us actually since my youngest son, Rafa, loves chocolates. He just sat there the entire time watching the chocolatiers do their work. He got a bit confused what to order though.

 photo 20161218_155629_zpscxrklnxk.jpg
These were amazing!

 photo yum_zpszismc12h.png

 photo 20161218_163625_zpsqwcensis.jpg
Before we left, I just had to get some of their chocolate bars. When I lined up, man, there were people buying over 10 bars each. I’ve tried the Candied Chili and it’s way spicy! Tastes good but definitely something you can’t eat in one sitting unless you’re doing a spicy challenge or something.

 photo 0-02-06-3192c2ec91741148a651745573ec15903fe0c4d6bf43811a89bbae52a9d76249_full_zpsfajmnca4.jpg

 photo 20161218_163640_zpsibt3gegc.jpg

 photo 20161218_162501_zpsafnwk4us.jpg

 photo 20161218_162444_zpsex9kct5h.jpg

 photo 20161218_155933_zpsnlnpuivk.jpg

 photo 20161218_155731_zpsqa1qd4d5.jpg

 photo 20161218_155711_zpsy3tekdzq.jpg

Sorely tempted not to write their address here. Hahaha. But am sure a lot of people know where this is already.

Maison Marou Chocolate – Cafe
167-169 Calmette Road, District 1, HCMC

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