Seen in Saigon (Week 3)

So this week in Seen in Saigon —-

 photo 0-02-06-710561653947669b6d0c06246ad3985d0db0a20bfea97ef97bef242f551bb3d3_full_zps30fhhksf.jpg


 photo 0-02-06-f848632985dcb289d6f8f6046335c0cdc30e86e3e047b9b1902ffb789e941e6e_full_zps5udollxt.jpg

Pokemon Trainer shirt — I don’t normally play apps on my phone but by far, Pokemon Go is the longest game I’ve been playing since Mortal Kombat on PC. 😛

 photo 0-02-06-8d5fe1a09fb5cdc3c3bcaa9db5ab4d5dc5a0a68f2761f356ddd15ed1b3115cb9_full_zpspaxdmfc4.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-f04b9f46b5407e10071e96d25b705f5574ab4b60a5ad1394483147423f3faf8c_full_zpsfb0u39sy.jpgPhotographs of food made to look like actual scenes are on exhibit along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0e3224734332422d7cf74a14a5bdb1ffddf897156230323ad497fe090e52024c_full_zpso5nqwotj.jpg

Jaw dropping designs of the streets of Saigon for the Lunar New Year.

 photo 0-02-06-f493fda98c1b10ebcb03f580a52cf98baf2262f44add03e4d80bbcf43fc6fcbb_full_zpses9eruve.jpg

Diamond Plaza heralding the Year of the Rooster!

 photo 0-02-06-05a278a4e91421ee7bad9144cc09f93f6bf420090ef5c73fdbc15bd267fd5f5e_full_zps0t645lcx.jpg

 photo 0-02-06-60848b8d4904a3b6cbaff3a6c2ea684ff9415fbbcd19da8edb904c0784d97eaa_full_zpsqbnv32ub.jpg
Awesome tote bags along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-0a73c798407cb5923a1bab7eff4eb3d07811c73419a7bd5d742e96cd63d87b17_full_zpstooh7ktu.jpg

My favorite cyclos.

 photo 0-02-06-6852b5175050878c85448d1f7a849a3d663220dd331cedf1e14d4944fa6afa37_full_zpsb11fflwz.jpg

Year of the Rooster display along Book Street.

 photo 0-02-06-988f9a670eece99016b0a7304010a9dece60b210af05453c1078903675ce0205_full.0_zps818tdbqy.jpg

Notebooks that reminded me of photographer/graphic artist friend, Ging.

 photo 0-02-06-0594e6e0ca4ad4b3ab2c364df7c35bff9779328717ec678d501b12e292bc299e_full.0_zpspocpp3r7.jpg

Hope you all have a great week ahead! 11 days till Tet! Woot!

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