Happy New Year!

Went on a short holiday back to my home country for Tet and it’s only just now that am getting the chance to sit down. I hope you all had a lovely lunar new year.

So let’s start the new year with something nice with

 photo sonice.vn_zpsqzkxpgdn.png

I found out about after Christmas and was kinda bummed that I didn’t know about it earlier.

Basically, it’s a site where designers/local artisans can sell their unique products and where you, the would-be customers can have dibs on their creation. And believe me you, they’re all soooo nice.

 photo 20170103_150455_zpsnqm7ystf.jpg

Using their site is easy and delivery was quick too. I ordered a couple of earrings to give as a gift for a friend. My friend, by the way, raved about it.

And so, Valentine’s Day is just 4 days away — and if you’re still looking for a one-of-a-kind present, why not drop by  Am sure you can find something definitely nice or even excellent to give to your loved one.

Advance Happy Valentine’s Day, Saigon!


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