Museo Orlina

While we were going around Tagaytay City, I spotted a sign to Museo Orlina which was just a few meters away from the entrance of the subdivision where we were staying. Needless to say, I convinced our group into going. 😛

 photo 20170122_114643_zpshdi8fx7n.jpg

I was  just so happy to have finally visited Museo Orlina showcasing Orlina’s work of glass sculptures, as well as on display, were outstanding works from equally talented Filipino artists. I am sorry not sorry to bombard this post with images from the museum which I hope you’d get a chance to visit to be inspired. With the Taal Lake as the background of the this house turned art sanctuary, it was just perfect!

 photo 20170122_115717_zps7wkhfmvc.jpg
 photo 20170122_115539_zpsdw08naxm.jpg

 photo orlina1_zpsevggvfnt.png

 photo 20170122_120104_zpswfddwnuh.jpg
 photo orlina2_zpsm7dfkyow.png

 photo 20170122_120300_zpsmk0kswaa.jpg

 photo orlina4_zpsilkpgpiu.png

Can you just imagine the hours put into each sculpture? It is just amazing!

 photo orlina5_zpsiht2ibai.png

 photo orlina6_zpsrshrk0xq.png

 photo 20170122_120318_zps0l0rlcsq.jpg

This amazing emerald sculpture is one of my favorites!

 photo orlina7_zpsvvkaqvku.png

 photo orlina8_zpsj4mwvv0m.png

 photo 20170122_120530_zpsbae3cspx.jpg

 photo orlina91_zps6n2yqe9y.png

 photo orlina9_zpso58bz0fh.png

 photo 20170122_120632_zpsroz0huo1.jpg

Do you know that greenery is the pantone color of the year? Haha. But seriously, I am drawn to the emerald sculptures.

 photo 20170122_120649_zpsvuhsut3j.jpg

Here’s the bust of former president Cory Aquino.
 photo 20170122_120653_zpsu8mjppt1.jpg

 photo 20170122_120702_zpskptpkrwu.jpg

 photo 20170122_120728_zpsj2phojzr.jpg

 photo 20170122_120909_zpsl7xwf3fb.jpg

Outside the garden is littered with installations from other local artists.

 photo 20170122_115733_zpso2fiwgct.jpg

 photo 20170122_121108_zps70mfueax.jpg

 photo 20170122_121456_zpsu1un26hz.jpg
Under the amphitheater is the garage where another renowned Filipino artist, Bencab painted his Sabel series on a Volkswagen Beetle. See the eerie hand on the wheel?

 photo orlina92_zpsn0nl1jot.png

It was fortuitous too because a couple of days after, we were headed to the Philippines summer capital, Baguio City, and visited Bencab Musuem. That post will be up soon.


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