Signing on…

It’s been a while since I last posted and much has happened with a few projects here and there, plus being real busy with the kids as my youngest has been battling the sniffles and acute tonsillitis for a week now.

Finding a good pediatrician and hospital in Ho Chi Minh City is a perennial problem for expat families and have been so far lucky with FV Hospital. Am sure some people reading this are like, “yeah right!” But hey, this is our family’s experience and I do hope we continue to receive topnotch medical advice there.

That brings me to our visit last Friday to my son’s pediatrician, Dr. Dien. You see, before we got to FV, we figured in a minor accident along Bui Bang Doan. A motorbike hit our cab. Yup, not the other way around. The motorbike suddenly appeared from a side street and decided to claim the road without looking whether there was an oncoming car. The cab driver was so mad that they almost got into a rumble on the street.

Dr. Dien told me that next time we should just take the road behind our apartment along Nguyen Dong Chi that connected to Nguyen Luong Bang where FV Hospital was at. That street did not have a lot of traffic and was safer.

Of course he was right as I just had a good walk just last Monday night!

 photo 0-02-06-1c7bb2a7716df8471b9f0ce555529e8a2f0451205b93bbd8cefd7072c8682640_full_zps7vvnbvyg.jpg

The bridge connected to the golf course where our favorite pizza place, 4Ps was. There are lots of walkers (not TWD type 😛 ) and runners along this road in the evening plus the place is well lit with security going around.

 photo 0-02-06-e47e3c583f9160a9b182bb537b23eb7c51fb0a483617490735cb28010142425b_full_zpszh8ybw6p.jpg
 photo 0-02-06-4ac5e710a9343236ad7f5bafda1ad1aebd6bf6f3d68686b55bd7060c960370d6_full_zpsn43ic5su.jpg

I just really hope that this place don’t become too crowded as it really is a good place to have a nice walk.

 photo 0-02-06-0440bae9fcc789660d3dd34802e0f00fb91c10aa893b3d15386bf7801994faf7_full_zpsjft20eod.jpg
 photo 0-02-06-a53e46919fc471fcf76ef99f6111b2682241eef3ca82e983c2133bc8e962400b_full_zpsxmi4qbjn.jpg

This is also our favorite route when biking with the family as it’s relatively safe.

Oh and if you’re looking for a pediatrician, I highly recommend Dr. Dien. He’s been my son’s doctor since birth and he also holds office in FV Clinic in Bitexco. His schedule is almost always full but whenever I can, he’s my first go-to-pedia here in HCMC.

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