Take me back to The Anam

Honestly, I’ve crossed off Nha Trang in my list of places to visit in Vietnam. Last weekend was my third trip going with my office for our yearly retreat, team building, and training. I was having second thoughts going because we were getting on a sleeper train to get there — which was a 9-hour ride. Back in 2010, on our way back to Saigon from NT, we got stuck on the train for 23 hours due to heavy typhoon and flooding. So you can imagine my worry.

But this time around, the train ride went well and made even better stepping on The Anam grounds. From the time we arrived till we left, we all felt cared for, treated like VIPs, and the whole place is IG-worthy. So let this be a warning that this entry will be flooded with photos.

So why do I want to go back to The Anam?

Because it’s stunning.

 photo 20170325_203643_zpsjhjcqg9e.jpg
 photo 20170324_082108_zpsg5jkhkdc.jpg
Everywhere you look, there’s just so much beauty. It’s hard not to take your camera out and take snaps everywhere you go – from the reception area to the beach, the place is well-maintained.

 photo IMG_20170324_111744_693_zpsebqm7gxe.jpg

The villas are inviting.

 photo IMG_20170324_214454_594_zps2odmi1o4.jpg
 photo 20170324_174631_zpsllwmytgf.jpg

And I slept real well. I think that’s the true testament of how good your villa/room is. If a guest can get a good night rest AND finds it hard to get out of bed and leave the villa EVEN if there’s a paradise out there, well, I rest my case.

 photo 20170324_064620_zpsii9pgrqt.jpg

Needless to say, I spent a lot of time just lazing here.

 photo 20170324_064518_zpsogfgbtrw.jpg

There is privacy.

 photo 20170325_142531_zpsgymjlzne.jpg

The place is big enough for our whole group of around 100, plus the other resort guests — which we hardly saw the entire 3 days we were there.

The food is delish.

 photo 20170326_093714_zpssj4gsoqs.jpg

So I didn’t get to take a lot of food photos because I was you know, busy, devouring them. During our gala dinner, they prepared a spread of international cuisine and grilled seafood.

Oh an one time during breakfast, I saw the Vietnamese chef come out of the kitchen and play with one of the guest’s child who was having a meltdown. It was just so nice of him to do that.

There are 3 pools.

 photo IMG_20170325_122146_040_zpsdzqrne8a.jpg

Pools for the win! Because there are 3 pools situated in different locations in the resort, it never gets too crowded when you want to dive in. And the deepest is 1.6 meters. And there’s an area for kids to wade into as well safely. Above is the pool by the restaurant and below is the pool near the beach.

 photo IMG_20170324_101422_063_zpsuwi2q8dv.jpg

Below is the pool near the reception area flanked by villas.

 photo 20170324_063809_zpsp6y73fky.jpg

There’s a kiddie play area and gym.

 photo 20170325_061309_zpsqnoxmia8.jpg

For families, there is a kiddie play area where the kids can safely play. This is important because, well…I have kids and yep, they’re pretty hard to entertain. They bounce from one activity to another like a ball.

And if you have an exercise regimen going on, the resort also has a gym.

There is grass.

 photo 20170325_143446_zpsu8hwccqa.jpg

I know this is weird but I loved that there is a huge grass area where kids can safely play. This is where our office held the team building activities.

 photo 20170324_164005_zps1mw048bq.jpg

It’s really a feat to keep it green all year round coz it can get really hot during the late morning and early afternoon.

 photo 20170326_075118_zps5faym8cw.jpg

I saw the resort ground workers working all the time to keep the place pristine.

The beach is immaculate.

 photo 20170325_150130_zpsyu1rywb4.jpg
The sand is as fine as a powder and the waters are clean and goes from blue to deep blue to turquoise. You can also go rowing and jet skiing, if you’re into that.

 photo 20170325_150028_zpsjt0ygftb.jpg

Great place to hang out and read a book — which I forgot. Haha. Bbbbuuut…the wifi in the resort is strong out here, so yeah, you can work from here IF you really, really have to.

 photo 20170326_074234_zpsfgohe29k.jpg

Best seat to watch the sun rise.

 photo 20170325_054919_zpsh46vdxqm.jpg

I woke up early one morning at 5:30 am and decided to check if the sun was out already. I got lucky and the sun was just waking up.

 photo 20170325_055038_zpso4dlnuid.jpg

And yes, I took a lot of shots. They’re all so gorgeous!

 photo IMG_20170325_060433_245_zpsh4bvablv.jpg

The Anam is just 15 minutes away from Nha Trang’s Cam Ranh International Airport and for someone like me who has seen Nha Trang from a tourist POV and just want a restful reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s one of the best resorts to go to. Who am I kidding? It’s the best resort I’ve been to in Vietnam. I have to come back!

 photo 20170326_074616_zpsmaayhuij.jpg

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