One Saturday afternoon…

 photo 20170401_161557_zpsinliyuwj.jpg
…at Al Fresco’s D2, I met up with their PR Manager, Cindy and their Chef, Mario. It was a such a treat chatting with Chef Mario as he recounted his kitchen stories. He has been in Vietnam for 21 years — first working with Al Fresco’s restaurant in Hanoi. He moved to HCMC in 2003 to open Al Fresco’s Dong Du restaurant. But his history with the Al Fresco Group started in 1992 in Hong Kong.

Oh and did I mention that he’s a fellow Filipino?

Of course, it all ended up with us eating a whole lot of Al Fresco’s bestsellers and sampling their new premium weekend wood burnt pizza. You can only get these yummy pizzas in their District 2 garden restaurant!

 photo IMG_20170401_163305_646_zpsugg2blhy.jpg

Cheesy Salami and Mushroom

 photo IMG_20170401_164704_176_zpsc8hblryx.jpg

Chili Beef Taco

 photo IMG_20170401_170757_154_zpsbcegfjxf.jpg

Quail Eggs Florentine

 photo IMG_20170401_171252_563_zpsjyletxkh.jpg

Pancetta and Anchovy Bianca

You think with Chef Mario’s seniority, he’d no longer be doing most of the cooking or baking — but nope, he manned the pizza station that afternoon. He deftly prepared the pizzas in no time. Diners would be happy to know that you can watch the chef prepare your order at the pizza station. Just don’t touch the oven! 😛

 photo IMG_20170401_164244_440_zpsqv0vr6xs.jpg
He shared that he’d still like to continue working in the kitchen. And I agree!

 photo 20170401_161622_zpss9lvnhsp.jpg


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