Food Trip: Scott & Jeremy’s

A couple of weeks ago, Soki and I were planning where both our families should have dinner at right after the anticipated Palm Sunday Mass.

We decided we missed Scott and Duc since they moved from Phu My Hung and set up not one but two popular restaurants in District 1! So there’s La Fiesta which focuses on Mexican dishes — and then there’s Scott & Jeremy’s where my favorite dishes from Scott & Binh’s are in the menu.

 photo 20170408_221225_zpshnq1e1pu.jpg

I didn’t get a lot of photos due to the fact that (1) we were all very hungry after a late church service and (2) our kids were keeping us busy.

 photo 20170409_091235_zpswvjneasx.jpg

 photo image-0-02-06-6b1c3079c0c1a3851d28a7d28a1600a87646360cbab2e5225045ac0594bd64f6-V_zpsbkyn4ejg.jpg

I love their mushroom soup! Am partial to 2 soups – one is the clam chowder and the mushroom soup. It’s like whenever I see those 2 in the menu, I’d just have to taste it. 😛

We tried the lamb burger, the chicken in the kids menu, the tofu (photo above), and few more burgers.

 photo image-0-02-06-2be66c256c0cb8a84a9e838026a7b5ba6631b88899c723e0ae172aec6223d01d-V_zpssvdok8va.jpg

Where can you find a restaurant where the chef babysits your kid while you eat? 😛

 photo image-0-02-06-3cabfe1a2ba6d80c9f320bfe93380844b44349c8c055c0c33c953fdf8fc2a2a9-V_zpszj4semeh.jpg

Thanks Scott and Duc for the delicious dinner! We miss you both and the girls in PMH.

Scott and Jeremy’s
40 Đặng Thị Nhu, Nguyễn Thái Bình, Quận 1
Ho Chi Minh City
094 890 14 65

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