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The Ultimate Architectural Brilliance in Saigon

by Jason Mueller, Guest Post Saigon is a beautiful conglomeration of different architectural styles and it’s a great place to witness some truly awe-inspiring buildings that still stand today. Some of the designs are not only worthy of the most … Continue reading

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Essential Oil Chronicles

I don’t want to flood Hello Saigon with oily posts as I feel this should be an entirely different topic. Maybe from time to time, I’d do some cross posting. Since I am still a newbie in exploring this wonderful … Continue reading

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Gong Cha

Generally, I am not fond of milk teas but I’ve tried Gong Cha Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea and I was hooked. Gong Cha is located in several locations in Vietnam and they don’t have a delivery service on their … Continue reading

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Exploring EOs: Homemade Lip Balms

In my attempt to make the most out of my essential oils and after receiving my friend, Ging’s homemade lip balm, I thought to myself, I can make one too. It was easier said than done because I am not … Continue reading

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Travel Mistakes when Traveling Locally in Vietnam

So Travel Oopsies asked me to share a travel mistake I’ve made and some of my pet peeves when traveling. This got me thinking of other mistakes that I may have made traveling locally in Vietnam. Not bringing our passports. … Continue reading

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Exploring EOs

I didn’t realize that there already is an expat community who is into essential oils in Vietnam. I heard Mandala Wellness hosts sessions. And since I had the most difficult time getting my oils from the US, I really better … Continue reading

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Marawi Refugees Need Your Help

Last week was not a good week for my home country, the Philippines. Rebels hostaged the town of Marawi, a town in Lanao del Norte, Mindanao (south of Philippines) and honestly, I don’t understand the news anymore. But what I know … Continue reading

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Globetrotter: 3 Ways to Get Most Out of Your Saigon Trip

As a globetrotter or traveler or a vacation addict, you only have a limited amount of time to explore and discover a new city. As an 8-year resident of Saigon who still feels very much a tourist in her adopted … Continue reading

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