Gong Cha

Generally, I am not fond of milk teas but I’ve tried Gong Cha Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea and I was hooked.

Gong Cha is located in several locations in Vietnam and they don’t have a delivery service on their own but uses a 3rd party site, Delivery.vn and Foody.vn. So today, I tried ordering via Foody.vn — only to find out that Matcha wasn’t listed. I checked the menu, it was there but not listed in the tea that you can order.

 photo gongcha1_zpsv3mgx84g.png

Since I was partly desperate (haha!), I sent a message to their FB site and asked why isn’t Matcha available for ordering. And they answered.

 photo gongcha_zpsfyle58ik.png

Gong Cha contacted Foody.vn and 2 hours later, it was in the menu.

 photo 20170619_152022_zpskka25boi.jpg

Sometimes, Vietnam customer service surprises me.

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